Product packaging is regarded as the most commonly seen illustration of graphic design. A packaging design is a critical component in marketing because it is the packaging that makes it stand out. The packaging should appeal to your target market. Ideas are also packaged to make them more acceptable for the audience they are targeted at.

Here, in this time I’m bring a new and fresh collection of package design examples for your inspiration. In this collection you will find beautiful typography, color schemes, textures and layouts that might give you some ideas for your own designs. If you are working on the same project, try to check out this list for you to get some creative ideas. You may be interested in some of the other inspirational designs of poster designs, stickers and business cards.

1. Mad Men Beer Packaging Design

Mad Men Beer Packaging Design

2. My Physical Portfolio

My Physical Portfolio

3. Conceptional Package Design

Conceptional Package Design

4. Budweiser Package Design

Budweiser Package Design

5. Vitaminwater Capsule

Vitaminwater Capsule

6. Neoflavina Package Design

Neoflavina Package Design

7. Birdy Juice

Birdy Juice

8. Juice Box Package Design

Juice Box Package Design

9. A.O. Vinje GIN

A.O. Vinje GIN

10. SONY – Bravia Packaging

SONY - Bravia Packaging

11. Cream & Sugar Packaging

Cream & Sugar Packaging

12. Product Package

Product Package

13. Climax Package Design

Climax Package Design

14. Fitz’s Package Design

Fitz's Package Design

15. Package Design and Branding

Package Design and Branding

16. Dinner Time

Dinner Time

17. Take Away

Take Away

18. JC Dark Lager

JC Dark Lager

19. Aloe Yo

Aloe Yo

20. Green Tea

Green Tea

21. Petit Beast

Petit Beast

22. Hair Color Package Design

Hair Color Package Design

23. Oio Olive Oil Package

Oio Olive Oil Package

24. Aqua Beauty Package

Aqua Beauty Package

25. Owl Package Design

Owl Package Design

26. Package by Olga Cuzuioc

Package by Olga Cuzuioc

27. Package Design Photo

Package Design Photo

28. One Less Drop

One Less Drop

29. Conto Figueira

Conto Figueira

30. UnderPressure


31. White Degree Vodka Jelly

White Degree Vodka Jelly

32. Naturall & Zdravo

Naturall & Zdravo

I hope you have enjoyed this gallery. Which of these creative package design ideas impressed you? Let us know your thoughts by filling in the comments section below.