When most people think of art involving paper, they think of drawing, sketching, or maybe painting. In fact, paper is even more powerful than that. It is a very flexible medium. However, there are very talented artist in the world that create art from paper in more unusual ways.

In this today’s post I present a showcase of amazing paper art designs, you will find many beautiful carved, folded, cut out paper objects and realistic 3D paper sculptures, all using paper, card boxes or even books as materials. To inspire you and let you see what other things artists are doing with paper. Enjoy!!!

You may be interested in the following posts:

1. Paper Violin

Paper Violin

2. Carnival Paper – Paper Sculpture

Carnival Paper - Paper Sculpture

3. Karzoa Paper Child

Karzoa Paper Child

4. Beware of The Paperwork

Beware of The Paperwork

5. Paper Sculpture

Paper Sculpture

6. Naruto – Paper Sculpture

Naruto - Paper Sculpture

7. Paper Sculpture Fashion

Paper Sculpture Fashion

8. Paper Sculpture Artwork

Paper Sculpture Artwork

9. Illustrated Paper Owl

Illustrated Paper Owl

10. Flower Paper Sculpture

Flower Paper Sculpture

11. Paper Masks

Paper Masks

12. God of Frost – Paper Sculpture

God of Frost - Paper Sculpture

13. Golden Swan

Golden Swan

14. Yin-Yang Bridge – Paper

Yin-Yang Bridge - Paper

15. Grulla Paper Art

Grulla Paper Art

16. Paper Sculpture Commission Truck

Paper Sculpture Commission Truck

17. Paper Roses with Alice Text

Paper Roses with Alice Text

18. Amazing Paper Sculpture

Amazing Paper Sculpture

19. Lucifer Hummingbird Paper Sculpture

Lucifer Hummingbird Paper Art

20. Tribute of Nike Air Force

Tribute of Nike Air Force

What do you think of these designs and which ones are your favorites? Please leave your comments below…