Women have always been associated with beauty and art, and a simple look at a beautiful woman can bring good feelings and enchantment, positive vibes and thoughts of appreciation. Both women and men like to admire beauty, so when it comes to pictures with beautiful women of girls, both genders are open towards appreciation. Having this in mind, we thought that a combination between beautiful girls and beautiful artwork on their bodies would be just the perfect thing for your wallpapers.

We have selected 15+ cool photos of girls showing their tattoos that you will surely enjoy, as their beauty is truly special. The art of tattooing is a very popular habit and people used to tattoo drawings on their skin since ancient times. Nowadays it is very common that women wear permanent or temporary tattoos that represent something important or just something pretty for them. Tribal motifs, flowers or butterflies are among the most common women tattoo designs and their locations on the body are varied: the shoulders, lower back and hands being the most popular.

Of course, ladies can get rough and decide to wear tougher tattoos, with a more extended and powerful design, which makes them feel different and more confident. These girls have their own unique beauty, of course, and we love to look at beautiful pictures with them showing their tattoos also.

Maybe you are planning to get a tattoo yourself and can’t pull yourself together to decide to do it. Setting up a wallpaper with one of our 20 photos of girls showing their tattoos will surely contribute to your decision-making process. Take a good look at them and imagine yourself wearing a tattoo. Think if it will make you more beautiful and if you would like to have it on your body for the rest of your life.

Browse through our selection of 20 cool photos of girls showing their tattoos and share with us your favorites!

1. Tattoo Pioeuvre

Tattoo Pioeuvre

2. Lightsaber Tattoos

Lightsaber Tattoos

3. Tattoo Pinup

Tattoo Pinup

4. Girl Tattoos

Girl Tattoos

5. Passiooon


6. Anchor Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo

7. Tattoo Pioeuvre

Tattoo Pioeuvre

8. Tattoos for Girls

Tattoos for Girls

9. Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

10. Fake Tattoo Sleeve

Fake Tattoo Sleeve

11. Lolita Lynn

Lolita Lynn

12. Colorful Peacock Feather

Colorful Peacock Feather

13. Steampunk Princess

Steampunk Princess

14. Portrait Of A Tattooed Girl

Portrait Of A Tattooed Girl

15. Chicago


16. Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl

17. Aries Solo

Aries Solo

18. Cascading Star Tattoo

Cascading Star Tattoo