It is always a great idea to look at other types of design when you are seeking inspiration for your next designing project. Posters are one of the best ways of communicating a clients information. As with logo design, often a great poster will be great for what it omits, as well as what it features. When designing your own posters always try to bear in mind the poster’s audience, and what you are representing.

Nowadays, most of the poster designs come with the motto “Less is More”. In this post we have put together some wonderful poster designs for your inspiration. Each poster is credited to the author as well as the origin. As you will see below, artistic ideas behind the works are quite broad. If you like these poster designs you might also want to check out below some others great print work. Enjoy!

1. Vulpiqua Poster

Vulpiqua Poster

2. Poster Design – UNESCO JEJU

Poster Design - UNESCO JEJU

3. No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men

4. Game Of Thrones Poster

Game Of Thrones Poster

5. Awesome Poster Example

Awesome Poster Example

6. College Poster Design

College Poster Design

7. Grossmont Center

Grossmont Center



9. Sabon Typography Poster Design

Sabon Typography Poster Design

10. Typographic Poster

Typographic Poster

11. Healthcare Advertising

Healthcare Advertising

12. Stel Christian Cambas Poster

Stel Christian Cambas Poster

13. Poster Design

Poster Design

14. Magazine Ad

Magazine Ad

15. Best of British Poster Design

Best of British Poster Design

16. Blue Lantern Corps Poster

Blue Lantern Corps Poster

17. Avatar Poster

Avatar Poster

18. Biblioteq Poster Design

Biblioteq Poster Design

19. ASAD Sounds Poster

ASAD Sounds Poster

20. Little Shop of Horrors Poster

Little Shop of Horrors Poster

21. The Rocketeer Poster

The Rocketeer Poster

22. Nestea Poster

Nestea Poster

23. Dj Yoda Poster Design

Dj Yoda Poster Design

24. Dragonheart Poster Painting

Dragonheart Poster Painting

25. Canine Tales Poster

Canine Tales Poster

26. Caprica Poster

Caprica Poster

27. River Party Poster

River Party Poster

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