Tattoos are becoming more and more popular in our society and have become an accepted part of Western culture. Skull tattoos make a powerful statement, the skull as a tattoo design is very popular and has many meanings and symbolism often unique to the individual. Beautiful skull tattoo proposals for any part of your body and flesh.

The skull design is often combined with a variety of other design elements such as angel wings, crosses, dragons or flames to make a truly unique skull tattoo design. So here in this post I have compiled a list of very amazing skull tattoo designs for 2012. Hope you will like them. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our older articles about: cross tattoos, tribal tattoos and sleeve tattoos.

1. Face Skull Bio-mechanic Tattoo

Face Skull Biomechanic Tattoo

2. Best Skull Tattoo Design

Best Skull Tattoo Design

3. Skull Vale Gypsy Tattoo

Skull Vale Gypsy Tattoo

4. Skull Tribal Tattoo

Skull Tribal Tattoo

5. New School Skull Tattoo

New School Skull Tattoo

6. Tattoo Skull and Flowers

Tattoo Skull and Flowers

7. Skull Back Tattoo

Skull Back Tattoo

8. Skull and Lotus Tattoo Design

Skull and Lotus Tattoo Design

9. Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo

10. Skull Tattoo – Black and Grey Tattoo

Skull Tattoo - Black and Grey Tattoo

11. Skull and Smoke Tattoo

Skull and Smoke Tattoo

12. Old School Skull Tattoo

Old School Skull Tattoo

13. Colorful Skull Tattoo Design

Colorful Skull Tattoo Design

14. Skull Roses Tattoo

Skull Roses Tattoo

15. Skull Celtic Backpiece Tattoos

Skull Celtic Backpiece Tattoos

16. Dragon Skulls Tattoo

Dragon Skulls Tattoo

17. Mexican Skull Tattoo

Mexican Skull Tattoo

18. Skull Tattoo for Girls 2012

Skull Tattoo for Girls 2012

19. Yellow Sugar Skull Tattoo

Yellow Sugar Skull Tattoo

20. Skull Tribute Tattoo

Skull Tribute Tattoo

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