When choosing one product over another, the design of the packaging probably influences your decision far more than you realize. A high level of quality in the packaging often results in a higher opinion of the quality of the actual product by potential customers. So, I have already published amazing packaging designs. Hope you will like them.

Today’s post I have collected very beautiful premium packaging templates from GraphicRiver. This post showcases innovative and creative packaging templates from all over the world. I hope with these examples we inspire you in some way. Enjoy.

1. New Born Baby Gift Package

New Born Baby Gift Package

2. Packaging Template – Heart Gift Box II

Packaging Template - Heart Gift Box II

3. BeautySoap Box Packaging Template

BeautySoap Box Packaging Template

4. Bus in a Box; Red Double Decker London Bus

Bus in a Box; Red Double Decker London Bus

5. Commercial Center – Shopping Bag

Commercial Center - Shopping Bag

6. NOTRO Multipurpose Box Template

NOTRO Multipurpose Box Template

7. Cake Box

Cake Box

8. Software Package Template

Software Package Template

9. Royal Gift Package Box Template

Royal Gift Package Box Template

10. Packaging Template – Aqualia Beauty

Packaging Template - Aqualia Beauty

11. Accessory Fetish Package Template

Accessory Fetish Package Template

12. GA Shopping Bag Packaging

GA Shopping Bag Packaging

13. CD Sleeve

CD Sleeve

14. Tetra Carton

Tetra Carton

15. I LOVE Gift Box Template

I LOVE Gift Box Template

16. Fresh Perfume and Fragrance Package Template

Fresh Perfume and Fragrance Package Template

17. Gadget Box Template

Gadget Box Template

18. Christmas Box Template

Christmas Box Template

19. House Box Template

House Box Template

20. Business Software Box

Business Software Box

21. Premium Packaging Products

Premium Packaging Products

22. Valentine Package Template

Valentine Package Template

Which ones are your favorites? How does package templates influence your decision on a product? Please share your comments with us!