Tumblr is an easy to use, fast-growing blogging platform with a strong emphasis on simple, no hassle content sharing. Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. There is a growing community of designers out there creating some very cool free themes you can install on your site, giving you a totally new look and added functionality.

This post is a collection of beautiful and free Tumblr themes to help you choose the best Tumblr theme for your Tumblr blog. Take a look through the 30 we’ve gathered below for you, and you are guaranteed to find one that will inspire you to change the look of your Tumblr account.

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1. TumbleDesk


2. Mac Envy

Mac Envy

3. Transparent Theme

Transparent Theme

4. FluidMod


5. Significance


6. Pulp


7. PhotoBoard


8. Paper Walls

Paper Walls

9. Solstice


10. Royal Ribbon

Royal Ribbon

11. The Minimalist

The Minimalist

12. Vertigo


13. Tessellate


14. Organ


15. Chunky


16. Bus Full of Hippies

Bus Full of Hippies

17. The Stitch

The Stitch

18. Mellow Yellow 2.0

Mellow Yellow 2.0

19. Firsts


20. Luxury Notes

Luxury Notes

21. Dream Theme

Dream Theme

22. Strange Little Town

Strange Little Town

23. Color Shades

Color Shades

24. Simplify


25. Next Saturday

Next Saturday

26. Dark Things

Dark Things

27. Catching Elephant

Catching Elephant

28. Astronaut


29. Easy Reader 2

Easy Reader 2

30. Cavalcade


Do you use or design themes for Tumblr? What’s your favorite Tumblr theme? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. There is no need of any special technical skills to use these themes and you can easily and quickly post your images, quotes, videos, slide show, text or your photos. There is also an option to remove the original domain name and use a custom domain name. The Tumblr themes could be especially very useful for the internet marketers or the social media marketers as they are very unique and are steadily growing.

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