A flyer is a single page leaflet advertising a nightclub, event, service, or other activity. However flyer are not dead yet, and are still heavily used around the world for business, products or services promotion. The verb flyering or fliering has evolved as a colloquial expression meaning to put up flyers.

Amazing and creative flyer or poster designs by awesome designers, some are focused towards global warming while others are advertising flyer designs. If you are a designer in the position of designing a flyer, we are here to help! Looking for new and different flyers will definitely hype you up to create a wonderful mix of designs on your own.

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1. Signal December

Signal December

2. Localise – Gig Flyer v2

Localise - Gig Flyer v2

3. Travel Business Flyer Design

Travel Business Flyer Design

4. Dusk till Dawn Halloween Party Flyer

Dusk till Dawn Halloween Party Flyer

5. Poster – Flyer Free PSD

Poster - Flyer Free PSD

6. Jungle Juice 2010 – 2012

Jungle Juice 2010 - 2012

7. Cool Posters Design

Cool Posters Design

8. Flyer Design

Flyer Design

9. On the Way Flyer

On the Way Flyer

10. Origins Flyer, Ticket and CD Template

Origins Flyer, Ticket and CD Template

11. Future’s Finest Flyer Design

Future's Finest Flyer Design

12. Mi Cielo Poster Design

Mi Cielo Poster Design

13. Knitted City – Ministry of Sound

Knitted City - Ministry of Sound

14. The Slowest Way

The Slowest Way

15. Retro Night Flyer Template

Retro Night Flyer Template

16. Tomatomatic Pizza

Tomatomatic Pizza

17. Faith-The Joy of Believing Flyer and CD Template

Faith-The Joy of Believing Flyer and CD Template

18. Flyer: Kitty’s 17th B-Day

Flyer: Kitty's 17th B-Day

19. Salt of the Earth Flyer Template

Salt of the Earth Flyer Template

20. Karaoke and Comedy Night 4×6 Flyer Template

Karaoke and Comedy Night 4x6 Flyer Template

21. Amazing Flyer Design

Amazing Flyer Design

22. Suite 152 Transformes Flyer

Suite 152 Transformes Flyer

23. BASSPORT Flyer Design

BASSPORT Flyer Design

24. So Fresh

So Fresh

25. Go Paperless

Go Paperless

26. Broken Church Event Flyer

Broken Church Event Flyer

27. Rise of the Phoenix Flyer

Rise of the Phoenix Flyer

28. Teach Us How to Pray Sermon Title Flyer

Teach Us How to Pray Sermon Title Flyer

29. Pur Logic Solutions – Flyer

Pur Logic Solutions - Flyer

30. Shownic International

Shownic International

31. So You Think You Can Splash

So You Think You Can Splash

32. Visual Arts and Designs Flyer

Visual Arts and Designs Flyer

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