A logo reflects the presence of your business in the market space. Logo design is a balance between what are often conflicting interests: representing the values of your brand, and standing out from other brands. Since restaurant is a very dynamic yet delicate service-based business, your restaurant logo design should look attractive to your consumers. If you are having a restaurant business, your logo design must be simple and easy to read. The right restaurant logo can get your mouth watering before you even see the menu.

Today we are sharing 25 awesome restaurant themed logos. It must be helpful for logo designers to see different creative ideas. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks. You may be interested in the following posts: giraffe logos, smart logos and lighthouse logos.

1. Champur


2. Hend Restaurant

Hend Restaurant

3. Sunset Coast

Sunset Coast

4. Soulful


5. Ah Huat the Fish Expert

Ah Huat the Fish Expert

6. Sabrosa


7. Seaside Restaurant

Seaside Restaurant

8. La Central

La Central

9. Gourmet’s Needles

Gourmet's Needles

10. Footbar


11. Restaurant


12. Lunch with Me

Lunch with Me

13. Srivas Restaurant

Srivas Restaurant

14. Wow Sushi

Wow Sushi

15. Pancakes


16. Food Consulting

Food Consulting

17. Warung Soto Grogol

Warung Soto Grogol

18. Mexicano


19. Iron Curtain

Iron Curtain

20. Rumba Coffee

Rumba Coffee



22. Deal o Resto

Deal o Resto

23. Mexican Grill Restaurant

Mexican Grill Restaurant

24. HotNut


25. Bistro


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