I’ve showed you last week wonderful desktop wallpapers, colorful web designs examples and I believe we have to show some special attention to another web design element that is very important on websites and that’s the search box. The search box is the most frequently used elements of an any website.

The search button should be obviously clickable, large enough to easily click, with a magnifying glass icon or simply the word “Search” as a label. So today, in this post I have collected awesome and cool search box designs for your inspiration. A lot of them having a modern look to use for any site.

1. Search


2. Search Box

Search Box

3. Clean and Sleek Search Box

Sleek Search Box

4. 404notfound.fr


5. Leffetcrea.com


6. I Love Code

I Love Code

7. Search Flight

Search Flight

8. Purple Search Box

Purple Search Box

9. Search Form

Search Form

10. Simple Search Box

Simple Search Box

11. ThemeForest


12. GraphicsBeam


13. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks

14. Search Boxes

Search Boxes

15. Spokeo


16. Search Box in Blue Color

Search Box in Blue Color

17. Cool Red Search Box

Cool Red Search Box

18. Glowing Search Box

Glowing Search Box

19. Head in the Clouds Search Box

Head in the Clouds Search Box

20. Grunge Search Box

Grunge Search Box

21. DotCave


22. Inspired Search Bar

Inspired Search Bar

23. The Jazz Mann

The Jazz Mann

24. Free Stock Photos Club

Free Stock Photos Club

25. Two Search Buttons

Two Search Buttons

26. MenuPages


27. Stylish Search Box

Stylish Search Box

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