Cloud hosting offers many advantages over traditional hosting. Two of the most prominent advantages of cloud hosting are:

Easy accessibility – Since all your files are stored online you can access them from anywhere using an Internet connection. So if you are traveling to a new country, to a new city, or simply trapped in traffic jam your favorite e-book is just a few clicks away from your smartphone.

No clutter – Storage devices like CDs and pen drives are limited with their storing capabilities. For this reason you might have to use several of them to keep your data intact. It’s usually difficult to keep them ordered, especially if they are large in number. Cloud storage saves you the hassle and space.

There are many other advantages too and I would love to know which one is your favorite, so drop in a comment below.

If you are looking for a cloud storage system, we recommend you try Shared.

Free account

Shared offers three types of plans – Standard, Pro, and Pro Plus. Out of these the Standard version is free and has good features. It gives you 5 GB of storage and the size of one file can go as big as 1 GB. Since most email service providers don’t allow big file transfers, this feature of sharing 1 GB file is very helpful.

The Pro account costs $9.95 per month with 250 GB of data, no ads, and 5 GB per file size limit.

If you want even bigger features then there is a Pro Plus account for you, costing $24.95 per month providing 2 TB (1,000 GB) of data, no ads of course, and a 10 GB file size limit.

Fast and easy

Signing up for an account is easy and takes less than a minute. No big biodatas to be filled, no three paged information to be entered. All you are supposed to feed-in is the desired username, e-mail address, password and the password again for confirmation. That’s all and you are in.

The screenshot below shows their form.

Then you are ready to upload files be it your pictures, documents, or multimedia files.

When I used it I felt I was working with Windows. It is as simple and easy as that. The screenshot below shows how the uploaded files page looks like.

Bloggers make money

If you own a blog or a website, you have the opportunity to become an affiliate member of Shared and earn some quick cash. How?

First of all sign up for a free account and then go to their affiliates section. There you will find some automatically generated links which you should grab and then use them on your website. Whenever a person clicks on them and then purchases one of the two Pro plans you get a commission of 30%. In fact you keep getting the 30% whenever the person renews his subscription.

The payment is made per month and is subject to the condition that your account must have at least $100. As I said, signing up is free so you are at no risk in going and checking out the website.