A good logo will complement, even enhance the product or at least it’s visual appearance. It’s a proven fact that companies with amazing logo designs have excelled in business at very high level. A guitar is a stringed musical instrument that produces a distinctive sound when plucked by a finger or a pick.

Today, we are going to share a awesome collection of guitar logo designs. We hope you will enjoyed this wonderful showcase. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Enjoy!

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4. Rockin’ up

Rockin' up

5. High Level Music Logo

High Level Music Logo

6. Antones Guitar Bluesshirt

Antones Guitar Bluesshirt

7. Gewi – Logo Design

Gewi - Logo Design

8. The Edge

The Edge

9. GT Studio

GT Studio

10. Grunge Guitar

Grunge Guitar

11. Geology Rocks

Geology Rocks

12. Melted Guitar

Melted Guitar

13. Guitars


14. My Logo

My Logo

15. Rockin’ the Tires

Rockin’ the Tires

16. blk28 logo

blk28 logo

17. Guitar Doctor

Guitar Doctor

18. Fireguitar


19. Nationala de Rock Logo

Nationala de Rock Logo

20. Music & Art Institute

Music & Art Institute

21. Guitar Studio

Guitar Studio

22. Interbreed Logo

Interbreed Logo

23. Nrique


24. Guitar Rainbow

Guitar Rainbow

25. Casa Luthier

Casa Luthier

26. Guitar Logo

Guitar Logo

27. Nashville


28. Overthrow Logo

Overthrow Logo

29. Sounds of Maui

Sounds of Maui

30. Logo Fantaisy

Logo Fantaisy

31. Andre Matov

Andre Matov

32. Love Strings

Love Strings

33. Grim Rocker

Grim Rocker