The possibilities are really endless with the new technology of 3D printers. They are beginning to really revolutionize education, technology, as well as the medical field, as more and more products and samples are being printed. A 3D printer can turn any digital image into a model, and be fully customized before the printing process takes place.

This technology has been around for many years, as designers and engineers designed new and improved versions to create prototypes of their creations. The methods are relatively inexpensive compared to the manufacturing process and reduced the prices. The products are used throughout everyday life. Such as clothing and shoes, for the fashion industry, skin grafts and even brand new internal organs for the medical world. Small household products can be printed such as vases and utensil holders. Even food, like protein powder, cake decorations, and all things chocolate can be printed. Now to the big stuff; architecture industry can now print plastic products, such as building structures, thermoplastic for decorative outdoor curtains, and even concrete.

The engineers who created and worked on 3D printers, are now able to make metallic powder for jets, carbon fiber for cars, and even parts of cell phones. Check out for more information on 3D printers.