The most important aspect of any business is business cards. Unusual business cards are a primary factor to unlock the possibilities. Creative and unique business cards grab the attention of your customers instantly. Here, in this post I have collected very unusual and awesome business cards design for your inspiration.

These are cards with customized shapes, imprinted on different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, magnets with awesome effects and typographic elements. If you are looking for an unique way to brand your business card, then you’ve got to check this post. Have you ever got a business card this cool? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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1. Hitman’s Business Card

Hitman's Business Card

2. Unusual Business Card

Unusual Business Card

3. Cuthbertson Lawyer Business Card

Cuthbertson Lawyer Business Card Design

4. Business Card: Joonas Paloheimo

Business Card: Joonas Paloheimo

5. Yellow Business Card

Yellow Business Card

6. Unusual Business Cards

Unusual Business Cards

7. Debbie Bray – Business Card

Debbie Bray - Business Card

8. Pixoo Design

Pixoo Design

9. Business Card Mayes Design

Business Card Mayes Design

10. Thomas Wood Products

Thomas Wood Products

11. ACRE


12. Creative Business Card

Creative Business Card

13. Malifor Designs Business Card

Malifor Designs Business Card

14. Golden Gyro Robot Business Card

Golden Gyro Robot Business Card

15. Self Promotion

Self Promotion

16. Corporate Business Card

Corporate Business Card

17. Business Card Idea

Business Card Idea

18. Jack Hooker’s Business Card

Jack Hooker's Business Card

19. Whitescape – Corporate Identity

Whitescape - Corporate Identity

20. Flowbook Business Card

Flowbook Business Card

21. Business Card Example

Business Card Example

22. Graphic Designer Business Card

Graphic Designer Business Card

23. Brand New Business Card

Brand New Business Card

24. Detail Vision Business Cards

Detail Vision Business Cards

25. Splat Business Card

Splat Business Card

26. Business Card Concept

Business Card Concept

27. Tadawi Hospital Identity

Tadawi Hospital Identity

28. Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards

29. Business Card – Web Design

Business Card - Web Design

30. Black Business Cards

Black Business Cards

31. Self Promotion – Stationery

Self Promotion - Stationery

32. Black White Business Card

Black White Business Card

33. Ice Drink – Business Card

Ice Drink - Business Card

34. Aphrodite Hand-made Jewelry

Aphrodite Hand-made Jewelry

35. TAG Group-Design

TAG Group-Design

I hope that you will find list very inspiring. No matter how unusual your tastes are, make sure that it will still represent your business.