jQuery is a powerful tool in the hands of developers and some even call it a flash killer as its slowly and staidly gaining popularity among the designer community. jQuery is very popular for its very easy implementation. It practically transforms a web page from dullness to an entertaining and catchy piece of work.

In this post, you can see 15 most efficient jQuery lightbox plugins that will be very much useful for your next design. Enjoy!

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1. Lightbox JS

Lightbox JS

2. Visual jQuery LightBox

Visual jQuery LightBox

3. Litebox


4. Lightbox Gone Wild

Lightbox Gone Wild

5. Slimbox 2

Slimbox 2

6. NyroModal


7. SimpleModal


8. Facebox


9. WordPress jQuery Lightbox Plugin

WordPress jQuery Lightbox Plugin

10. Lightview


11. Colorbox Lightbox Plugin

Colorbox Lightbox Plugin

12. Shadowbox jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Shadowbox jQuery Lightbox Plugin

13. jQuery Lightbox (Balupton Edition)

jQuery Lightbox (Balupton Edition)

14. FancyZoom


15. PrettyPhoto


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