Ask any tech-savvy digital marketer, and they will tell youhow volatile, ever-evolving and the ever-changing ecosystem it is.As we continue to live in an information-overload environment, harnessing the emerging and distinguishing the real trends can make or break your business. When you are just starting, are bootstrapped or have limited funds, these trends can help you stay ahead of thecompetitors and adjust your marketing tactic to make the most of it. However, what makes the digital landscape challenging, also makes forecasting the patterns and trends a lot more difficult.  How do you know the trend of Instagram stories is just another fad or whole new phenomena? Is TikTok another millennial thing that exploded or the next big thing?

The watchword for digital marketing company in Chandigarh in 2020 will be the trends. The digital marketing trends are going to redefine and reshape the way businesses envision their digital marketing, transforming their digital properties and strategy into a commodity.  Rather than jumping on the trends right, left and centre, it is better to take advantage of data-backed predictions that can set the wheels in motion for your business.

Read on, for, we have highlighted some digital trends that can set your brand apart.

Go Macro for Micro-Moments

Smartphones are ruling this planet. Right from the search to a review and payment- it begins from a smartphone and ends, right there. People are streaming digital content and consuming stories on their phones. There are several short, fragmented interactions that people are having. However, between these, there are little snippets, small intent-rich moments where people turn to their devices reflexively. Like, ‘where to go’, ‘where to buy’, ‘I want to know’ and so on. A successful business would like to have a strategy up and running, optimised for these micro-moments.

Use your Voice

The surge in usage of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri shows that users are leaning towards more of a sentence and not mere keywords, as it happens on a phone or desktop. And if you don’t want to miss out on those users, it is time to optimise for voice search trends and how people talk and not type.

Get ready for a detox

Who would have thought that Facebook, which started it all, will see a decline in the number of users? TikTok and Instagram saw an upward trend;however; it is hitting a plateau as well. Over thirty-five per cent of people reduced their social media usage (Exposure Ninja) over several reasons such as privacy concerns, mental health triggers, lack of trust and just plain disinterest. However, it doesn’t mean that businesses call it a day and pack their bags. They need to be more uplifting and design their strategy to people-centric. Have a social media presence that is uplifting and creative, something that isn’t reduced to being a mouthpiece for your brand or product but has an opinion that is positive and has a greater purpose. And please, don’t underestimate the concerns of privacy. People are slowly shifting to DuckDuckGo from Google over the same because the latter failed to prioritise the privacy of its users.

Chat’em up

Conversational marketinghas blown up in the last few years and rightly so. More than forty per cent of customers like to get an immediate response and almost thirty-six per cent of like to get a solution in the first five minutes. Chatbots are a brilliant way to connect to the customers and make conversations with them more engaging as well as effective. This year, making it more humane, sensible and predictive with Artificial Intelligence remains the top-most priority.

Aim for the skies

Of late, a relatively new term, Skyscraper Content has been emerging, which is the art of creating top-ranking content with winning SEO strategy. But how do you create such content? Chances are you can already see tens of posts with similar or matching titles. So, shall you ditch content? Nope. Uh-uh. Content will always be stepping stone of digital marketing and of course, a key differentiator. What you should do is to stop adding to the noise and clutter that nobody needs- neither your customers nor any search engine. Focus on creating content that tackles the customers’ queries, needs and is researched thoroughly. Use WhatsApp stories, YouTube stories, Instagram stories and Facebook stories to create meaningful and interactive content. TikTok is huge right now. Users dance and buy TikTok followers to get popular. The content should be original, creative and customer-centric, rest will follow.

So, are you ready to harness the power of trends? Exploit these trends and make that advance on the curve you have been vying for! Invest in these trends and turn your digital marketing into an asset that everyone can benefit from.