So, you wore an old school shirt and walked a lane. While walking the lane, you got a nod from one of the boys passing you. The head nod from the kid mattered. Had it been a mockery, you would have come back to your home to change the shirt. But the nod made you trust yourself. So, what is the nod?

It is the effect of influence. Influencer marketing is a new concept, but it has covered almost the entire marketing industry. You can call it the traditional celebrity endorsement, but only through content-driven marketing operations.

Marketing is a common word, but influencers may appear new and novel. In simple terms, influencers are people with good personal brands with a segment of trusted followers. They can be anyone, a traditional celebrity or a random person with a chunk of faithful followers on any social media channel.

Influencer marketing is the procedure of identifying, searching and engaging the influencers to create campaigns or conversations for your brand to influence prospective and old customers.

Relationship of the influencer with the influenced

A reliable influencer has purposely built and stands in a position where their market audience trusts them. While other marketing campaigns need to give time to get attention, an influencer can create awareness with their audience on a platform through real-time interaction within their expertise realm.

Influencer marketing teams digital marketing, social media marketing, and public relations through powerful communication.

Why is an influencer is called an influencer?

The word influencer brings images of celebs, reality stars, and fitness professionals to mind. However, influencer marketing is beyond likes and retweets. It is above cult following. It works on two things- credibility and trust.

The influencer creates a foundation of trust between him/her and their audience. They are the friend you have always wanted for recommendations and referrals.

It is not about high followers, but the right ones.

You don’t become an influencer with massive social media followings. You become an influencer with the right following. An influencer should be someone who has the power to change your perception genuinely. It should be someone whose opinion counts. Do not mistake celebrities for being influencers. There is a difference between celeb endorsement and influencer marketing.

How does a marketing company find the right influencer for your influencer marketing campaign?

Once you approach a marketing company for influencer marketing, they will help you track down influencers through their research to help you get reliable results.

  • Look for influencers who know your brands
  • Look for influencers that work in your niche
  • Make an effort to reach out to those who have worked with your competitors.
  • DM or email them to know their interest and negotiate a deal.

Influencer marketing campaigns are extremely profitable. However, it is important to find the right company that can do it for you. You can measure your influencer marketing campaign success through different metrics. Such as promo codes usage, hashtag follow, and UTM parameters.

Teaming up with emg marketing will help you achieve success with an influencer campaign. So, pick the right company, and you’re good to go!