Email marketing continues to be one of the best strategies to market both products and services. It is affordable, effective and has a long track record of being successful in many instances. While some think it is old and past its prime, there is a reason so many people still use it to this day.

Unfortunately, there are some email marketing mistakes that are commonly made that can negatively impact how effective email marketing can be. Making these mistakes can not only lead to wasted time and effort, but also money.

Here are a few of those mistakes you should avoid going forward, to ensure your email marketing strategy continues to be successful.

Not Considering Deliverability

If you simply expect all of your emails to successfully reach your destination, you would be mistaken. Oftentimes, marketing emails get sent to the spam folder or are outright blocked from someone’s inbox. As you can imagine, this means the intended recipient will never see it and the money spent to send it out and create it will have been a waste.

As a result, be sure to check email deliverability. There are tools and resources out there that can help ensure the emails you send find their rightful destination. If you don’t consider the deliverability of your emails, a portion of them may never get to their target, and could skew your results and analytics – making them inaccurate if you decide to track them.

Leaving Out Calls to Action

A mistake that many marketers make in their emails is leaving out the calls to action (CTA). Sometimes simply asking someone to perform a desired action is enough for them to do it. As a result, every email should have at least one CTA. In general, a brief CTA works best, and it should feature strong verbs.

There are also different ways you can have a CTA in your content, including a CTA button, or even a line of text asking the reader to do something. There are several call-to-action examples, so be sure to test a couple to see what seems to be working the best. It takes little to no effort to add one to your emails. However, it can have a profound impact on your results, leading more people to click a link, follow you, or visit your site.

Send Too Many (or Not Enough) Emails

The frequency of your emails is another thing to carefully consider. Many companies send far too many emails that end up simply getting ignored and deleted after a while. If you really annoy someone, they may even remove themselves from your email list altogether.

On the other hand, if you don’t send enough emails, this is also a problem. If you hardly ever send emails, those on your list may unsubscribe as they think the list has been canceled, or they may not even notice or recognize you when an email of yours does eventually get into their inbox.

You want to find a happy medium, and be sure to provide value in some way with every email you send. If you’re unsure of how many to send, it couldn’t hurt to go out and ask how many emails your list members would like to see from you.

Avoid These Mistakes for Better Results

By ensuring you have a call-to-action, send the right number of emails and consider your email deliverability, you can find success in email marketing. These aren’t the only mistakes you can make, but are among the most prevalent and harmful, which are easy to avoid.