SaaS companies have been taking the world by storm in recent years. With more and more business moving online, which has been accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a growing need for software that helps businesses better grow their operations. Digital tools like Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams have grown exponentially in their use, and now most Americans are familiar with their use. As such, there is a great opportunity for SaaS companies to gain some market share with their SaaS offering by using online marketing tactics.

Chief among these tactics is content marketing. SaaS content marketing takes a particular instructive approach to how it approaches creating content. Instead of simply enticing users with ready-made photos on Instagram, content marketing for SaaS companies needs to be instructive. It also needs to show how it can solve potential users’ pain points – and not just promote the software itself. While many people are now more familiar with using software, especially in the business world, it may not be the first thing they think of when they are looking to solve their problems.

For example, a construction company may have issues with organizing client data or data from a particular job site. However, their first solution may not be to turn to a CRM or project management software that is particularly geared toward the construction industry to organize their data and create a more efficient work environment. In fact, they may not realize that there is a software that can help them with this at all – and better yet a software that they do not have to purchase outright. In this instance, what a SaaS company that is specifically targeting the construction industry can do is actually talk to people in the industry and identify their pain points. They can then roll out particular features of their SaaS product that is geared toward what their market research told them and for what they think construction companies actually need.

In doing so, not only can SaaS companies better gear their product toward these companies, but they can also better target their content marketing efforts toward these particular pain points. This is very helpful when it comes to content discovery. While you can certainly use social media ads to promote a piece of content marketing, SEO is far and away the most effective tool to build audience trust and make people feel that they are discovering information organically. Online customers are smart enough to know if they are seeing an ad or not, and pairing your content marketing efforts with keyword-targeted SEO efforts can help you gain better visibility on your content and help it get in front of users who may adopt the software for an entire company. The customer lifetime value of these leads are very high – if you can produce the right content to appeal to them and target it toward an appropriate keyword.

All in all, SaaS content marketing is an important step for SaaS companies to get the word out there about their SaaS offering. If it is targeted correctly with the right keyword research behind it, and identifies real pain points that your SaaS solution seeks to solve, then your will likely see some movement in conversions from the right content.