Increasing conversion is not a one-time event, but a constant effort. As soon as you have a new client, you start to turn him into a buyer. And later try to turn a casual buyer into a permanent one. According to research, the probability of selling products to a new customer is from 5 to 20 per cent, while the chances of reselling the product to the regular customer are around 65 per cent. However not to lose the already existing regular customers entrepreneurs can entrust their reputation management to – the service that deals with the creation of flexible business strategies based on trustful feedback and conversion analytics.

Three Basic Rules of Trustful Review

Specifics – Reviews needs to be Concrete. Concreteness means details, operation with insignificant, sometimes not even very precise, facts. The main thing is that the review looks plausible. Then order such reviews from the author of the text is extremely necessary.

Motive – In compiling the material of a review a person should have a motive that would encourage him to write. It may be a desire to express his gratitude, ask a question about products he purchased, learn about additional discounts.

Awareness – Before writing a review, it is important to know everything about the product or service that is about to be described. The more information is collected, the better your review will be.

Statistics, Reviews, Copywriter and More

When it comes to the creation of trustful review, business owners and entrepreneurs should be aware that according to statistics from Nielsen, more than 90 per cent of consumers trust product reviews and recommendations of friends more than to different types of advertising. Therefore, they need a specialist who will write a review. This may be a copywriter, who is a master of words or wants to become a master of selling text. He is a person who promotes something on the Internet or works at a content market. When he is asked to write a review, he searches for the most productive way to prepare this order. He realizes that reviews are an important element of the sales funnel.

Customer feedback is important for any business. People tend to trust the recommendations of other customers. Both feedback on your website and comments on third-party resources influence the conversion rate. Competent posting and sorting of feedback will have a positive impact on sales volumes. Besides, entrepreneurs should not disregard video reviews. In the opinion of most users, this type of recommendations is the most useful and visually effective.

The most effective is the feedback from a living person. People will believe such a person more than to a written text. Video reviews are also quite effective as they allow people to make sure that the person who gives a review is a real customer. For example, some product-selling platforms allow their customer to send video reviews on those products with their comment on the quality of the product and the services for a minor reward in return for each video. The brightest example of such a business strategy can be observed on online product-selling platform Rozetka.

Remember the most trustful will be those reviews that were written by people who dealt with this or that services and who can evaluate their correspondence to the qualities claimed by the company. The most effective review location is the company website so that each client who wants to order something from the company could easily get the information relating to previous purchases of other clients.