It is true that social media is constantly growing and evolving with an increasing number of users and new platforms are getting created. One social media platform that is growing in massive popularity is Instagram.  Instagram has more than eight hundred million active users and hence, you can make the most of its reach and popularity to advertise on and to display your business and its offerings.  You can talk to Instagram Advertising with First Page New Zealand and ensure that they help you at every step of your advertisement journey. If you are not sure about investing in Instagram advertisements, then here are some quick reasons for you to consider:

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Implementing any social media strategy that uses the Instagram advertising platform greatly boosts your brand recognition as you will be in a position to engage with a huge and diverse audience of potential consumers via ads.  It is time that you get customers, employees, and any other stakeholders to follow your page.  Remember just having a huge following of people connected with your profile gets the greater chance to get engagement and to get seen by others who are not connected with the Instagram profile of your Instagram.

Moreover, not to miss people interacting with your content are going to increase brand awareness and begin building your reputation as a brand. Every single post that is shared, each comment that gets made and each like that is given is going to introduce your brand and your brands content to a fresh network of individuals. This is one activity as well as added exposure can head to fresh followers of your brand and fundamentally new potential customers. The goal is to get as many folks as possible knowing about your overall business. People will turn out to be aware of your business through the usage of Instagram ads and have an affiliation with your brand via them. They might not use your services the second they discover you or witness your ad but have a wonderful possibility of buying with you once they need your products or services.

Proper Targeting

Once you keep in mind Instagram’s mega-sized user following (having more than 800 million and expanding and widespread networking capabilities, Instagram is a lot more than a traditional social media platform. Instagram is a necessary tool for growing a business and enhancing the overall leads for sales via effectively constructed marketing efforts. Advertising through Instagram is as crucial as local advertising and search engine optimization. It can easily introduce your brand to endless audiences and particular targeted groups based on diverse demographics, interests of users, consumer behaviours and even where they are actually located.

If you lack the skill, then let experts like First Page help you out. They have an obsession with running campaign Instagram ads exclusively designed to take your sales to the great level. Their experience will ensure you results that are fulfilling.


To sum up, since you have a good idea about the reasons you should advertise on Instagram, don’t miss out on it.  After all, your advertisements can turn around the entire thing for your business. It is all about getting viral and once you are, you can outshine everyone.