Today in this tutorial we are going to show how to create a glossy and shiny text effect in Photoshop. Here we have use useful techniques and layer style effects. We have published every single step screenshots to give you the easy way to understand this tutorial. We are hopeful that you like our this fantastic creation. Every time you can share your lovely comments with us.

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Tutorial details:

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 40 Mins

Create a Glossy and Shiny Text Effect in Photoshop – Final Preview

Final Preview

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

External Resources


  • Gradient Overlay
  • Text Tool

Lets start to create a glossy and shiny text effect in photoshop.

Step 1

Create a new document (Ctrl+N) with (1000×800) of size.

Creat New Document

Step 2

Go to Layer > Layer Style and applying Gradient Overlay to the background layer.

Gradient Overlay
After Applying Gradient

Step 3

Now i am going to add the Desert Plants Texture in adobe photoshop.

Add Desert Plants Texture Image

Set the Blend Mode to (Lighten) and Opacity (40%) of this texture image layer.

Set Blend Mode and Opacity

Step 4

Now select the Text Tool form tool panel and type some text with white color #ffffff, use any of font, here I am using Canon Font.

Type Some Text

Hold Ctrl key and click thumbnail of text layer to make a selection.

Make a Selection

Invisible the text layer and create new layer name it Stroke, applying effect on this stroke layer.

Invisible the Text Layer

Go to Edit > Stroke and set width (3px).

Set Stroke

After set stroke we get new result.

Get New Result

Set Fill (0%) of this stroke layer.

Set Fill

Step 5

After set fill of this stroke layer go to the Blending Option and applying Bevel and Emboss and Contour on this stroke layer.

Bevel and Emboss



After applying bevel and emboss we get nice effect on stroke layer.

Get Nice Effect