Radar looks very simple. However, to create a realistic one, it needs some techniques and tactics to do so.This realistic radar mainly relies on reflection and lighting effects. This create can be used as your icon.

Today I have shared a cool Radar icon tutorial with you. You enhance your Photoshop skills with this awesome tutorial. I hope you will like this attractive radar icon tutorial. Don’t forget to share comment with us.

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Tutorial Details:

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 1 Hours

Download Source File:

Radar Icon Tutorial in Photoshop – Final Preview

Beautiful Radar Icon Final Preview

Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources

Photoshop Tools

  • Ellipse Tool
  • Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • Line Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Pen Tool

Let’s start to create a beautiful radar icon in Photoshop

Step 1

Create a new document 600×500 of size with any of color as you like. But I have set white color #ffffff.

New Document

Step 2

Select the Ellipse tool from the tool panel and draw a circle, any of colorĀ  but I have selected this color #1e97e3 for circle as shown in preview.

Draw a Circle

Step 3

After draw the circle, next step to rasterize this circle with the help of Ellipse Marquee Tool (M). Select this marquee tool from tool panel and draw a small circle and cut the big circle with pressing delete button, as in preview.

Delete Center

After doing this step we get something as like shown picture below.

Get Result

Step 4

Now I am going to applying some blending options for create a amazing border.

Drop shadow with black color #000000, size 27, opacity 60%.

Drop Shadow
  • Inner shadow with white color #ffffff, opacity 75%, distance 3, choke 11, size 10 and quality cone.
Inner Shadow
  • Bevel and Emboss with highlight mode color #090909 with blend mode multiply, shadow mode color #ffffff with blend mode screen, Depth 510, size 81, soften 4.
Bevel and Emboss
  • Color overlay with black color #000000, opacity 100%.
Color Overlay

After applying these blending options we get awesome border as like in preview.

Get Awesome Preview

Step 5

Now I am selecting the ellipse tool again and draw a circle center of the border with black color #000000.

Black Circle

Step 6

Now duplicate the black circle layer, applying gray color #939393, and go to Edit > transform or press (ctrl+t), set center of the black circle as shown in preview.

Create Circle

After setting go to blending option and applying Inner shadow on circle layer.

  • Inner shadow with color #9c0654, size 9 and opacity 100%.
Inner Shadow

After applying this effect you can see preview below.

Get Result

Step 7

Now duplicate again the small circle and adjust in center of all the circles and apply Gradient overlay.

Gradient Overlay

Gradient Overlay

After applying gradient we get cool preview.

Get Cool Preview