Images are so incredibly important to marketing on social media. If it’s a long article you’re posting on a blogging platform, such as Tumblr, images break up the text and keep people interested. If you’re adding a link to Twitter, an eye-catching picture will get you noticed. If you are sharing a product or guide on Pinterest, an amazing graphic will make your post stand out from all the others. All you need to make this happen is some basic Photoshop tips to take your pictures to the next level – check out this Ecig marketing campaign to see what a difference some great images make.


There’s nothing more annoying than making a really beautiful image, uploading it to Twitter, then finding half of your text has been cut off because the image isn’t the right size. So, before you start, know your image sizes. It’s worth noting, these do change, so check updates regularly. Here’s a cheat sheet.


This is a very basic skill, but you’ll use it a lot, so make sure you know how it works. To crop, simply select the standard crop icon from the main tool bar, and draw the area you want on your picture and press enter.

Adding Text to Images

This is a must for social media pictures, especially Pinterest. On the main toolbar, click the Horizontal Type tool, and then click where on the photo you want to add text. Type whatever you want, and click esc on your keyboard to exit the text field. On top of the workspace a bar will appear with any text styling options for you to use.

Clone Stamp Tool

The clone stamp tool is a really simple way of correcting anything in a photo you don’t like. With a spot, for example, use the stamp tool to stamp over the spot with a sample of an unblemished photo. Alt-left click on the replacement, and then click where you want it to cover. Change the size of your brush, as with any tool, to cover bigger or smaller areas.

Dodge and Burn Tool

Dodge lightens, burn darkens, either an area or the whole image. These can be found in the main tool bar.

General Tips

  • Note the basic photography rule of thirds when you take a photograph, imagine the picture is divided into three, and use this to set up your shot. All areas of focus and objects of the shot want to be on one of these lines. This makes a much more balanced and attractive picture.
  • Be consistent: all of your images on your social media accounts should have things in common. Your logo should always be the same. If you chose to use borders, make them the same, and any text on the picture should be in the same font. This will make the pictures professional and instantly recognizable as yours.
  • Remember copyright law: use your own photos or your client’s photography where you can. If you do need some stock photos, check the source, make sure they are free, and follow any attribution requirements. Pexels is a great site for free photos.

Follow these simple tips and you can make social media pictures stand out.