I love iPhone as it is my favorite gadget. Today i am going to share a Photoshop button tutorial inspired by iPhone. We will together design a beautiful iPhone like buttons. Let’s start,

Final Preview

This will be our learning at the end of this tutorial.

Photoshop Button Tutorial - iPhone Inspiration

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop, and create a new Photoshop document. I am going to create a new document of 500 x 600 px with white background.

iPhone Like Button 500x600

Step 2

Let’s fill our background layer with some dark color like #000000

iPhone Like Button Black Background

Step 3

Take a first “New Guide” in view menu. Select Horizontal orientation, enter 180px and click ok. Similarly take a second “New Guide” in view menu. Select Horizontal orientation, enter 380px and click ok. You will be at,

Step 4

Take a new layer and name it “gradient_back”. Make a selection with available guides and fill it with any color. Do the following steps,

Apply this Blending Option

Drop Shadow

  • Angle: 90
  • Distance: 2
  • Size: 1

Inner Glow

  • Color: White (#FFFFFF)
  • Size: 2

Gradient Overlay

  • Style: Linear
  • Color 1: #CCCCCC
  • Color 2: #FFFFFF

Gradient Overlay

Output will like this,

Gradient Back

Step 5

Take a new layer and name it “shine”. Make a selection like this,

Layer Shine

Do these simple steps,

  • Fill “shine” layer with white (#FFFFFF) color
  • Blend it with Soft Light
  • Set Opacity to 75%

Output is like this,

Step 6

Create a new folder and name it “iPhone Button”,

  • Select Rounded Rectangle Tool
  • Set the Radius 5px
  • Draw a new layer in iPhone Button folder like that, I am going to name it “button_back”

Step 7

Duplicate the “button_back” layer, name it “button_shine” and do as follows,

  • Right Click button_shine and click “Rasterize Layer” in the menu.
  • Ctrl+Click to make the selection of button_shine layer
  • Select Rectangle Marquee Tool
  • Select Intersect with Selection

By the above selected settings, you will be able to draw following selection very easily,

Now do the following steps,

  • Fill the “button_shine” layer with white (#FFFFFF) color
  • Make the Opacity 20%

You will have the following effect.

Step 8

Label the button with white color, I am using,

  • Arial Font Style
  • Regular
  • 18 pt
  • Smooth
iPhone Home Button

Step 9

Apply This Blending Option


  • Size: 1px
  • Color: Black (#000000)
iPhone Like Button Final

Step 10

Let’s Duplicate “Button” folder and make two more buttons,

Photoshop Button Tutorial - iPhone Inspiration

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. Don’t forget to write your valuable comments.

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