Many creations that we can make in Photoshop. Various ideas and creativity have graced. If you’re interested in learning some new skills, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, this Photoshop tutorial is for you.

Today we are creating a melting text effect tutorial in Adobe Photoshop. Lets start to made a melting effect.

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Tools And Resources

Tools And Resources

Photoshop Tools

  • Rectangle Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Text Tool

Lets start to create a melting effect,

Step 1

First of all open adobe Photoshop and create a new file ( Ctrl+N) chose the size of the file 600 width x 500 height or any size.

Background size

Step 2

Chose the paint panel and select the background color. I am selecting the color #865c4a.

Bg Color

Step 3

Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangular with the color #957464 as like show in preview.

Draw a Rectangular

Now duplicate the layer 5 or 6 time and rotate one by one to set like zebra crossing as in preview.

Zebra Crossing

 Step 4

Now create a new layer and select the Pen Tool to create a melting shape any color. Named it layer liquid and set it where looking good.

Create a Melting Shape

Step 5

Now duplicate the liquid shape layer 4 time, now all liquid shapes layers Fill 0% and select the first Liquid layer then apply some implements.

Go to blending options apply Inner shadow with the color #1d170d.

Iner Shadow

Inner Glow With color #935a00

Inner Glow

Apply Bevel And Emboss with highlight mode color #ffe4ad and shadow mode color #ccaf76

Bevel And Emboss

Set bevel Contour.


Set satin with color #6f3d00.


After apply some effect we get awesome preview.

Get Awesome Effect

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  1. Great outcome, shiny, liquid looking chocolate! Very well described, especially the Blending Modes in the Layer Styles (advanced?). Thanks for the Tutorial…keep it up!


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