Step 7

Now select the current layer and go to Edit.

Edit > Transform or press ( Ctrl+T ). Hold the Ctrl button, click the center node and do it as like in preview.

Applying Transform Tool

Step 8

Now select the both layer, and merge them (Ctrl+E ).

Select Both Layer

Now press ( Ctrl+T ) or go to Edit > transform. and adjust the folder layer to the left side as like in preview.

Adjust Folder Layer

After adjust the folder layer we get beautiful shiny folder as like in preview.

Get a Beautiful & Shiny Folder

Step 9

Now in the last step, select the ellipse tool and draw a shadow.

Draw a Shadow

Go to Filter >blur > Gaussian blur, set Gaussian blur as like in preview.

Gaussian Blur

Step 10

Finally, after applying Gaussian blur we get an awesome shiny folder

Final Preview

Final Preview

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