In the modern world, the issue of the safety of property and real estate is quite acute. This is due to the growth of crime and the development of technologies that are used by burglars. As a result, the threat of hacking an apartment, a house, theft of personal belongings is continually growing. Law enforcement officers usually are not able to prevent such actions. Therefore security systems come to the aid of ordinary citizens.

Security systems are commonly understood as a complex of devices. NightOwl claims the primary purpose of home security systems is to prevent theft of personal property and to break into apartments, houses. The only disadvantage is that the equipment itself does not catch intruders. Sensors detect the entry of thieves into the room and transmit the signal to the central computer, which notifies the rapid response team about the situation. Representatives of the security company arrive in a matter of minutes at the facility and detain the burglars, who do not even have time to understand what happened.

The development of technology significantly expands the functionality of security systems. This contributes to the growth of their work efficiency. Now people can not worry about the safety of their belongings, going on vacation. Another advantage of such systems is the complexity of disabling them. The devices have increased strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Communication channels are laid away from prying eyes. So security systems are the choice of people who worry about their well-being.

Video surveillance systems

Today video surveillance systems are the most effective technical means of ensuring security, which allows you to quickly record the fact of the commission of a wrongful act, and also makes it possible to control the general situation at the facility. Think about installing such a system – may be before it is too late, it is time to take control of the situation?

In the modern world, the safety of an object – whether it be an apartment, a country house, or an office is impossible without video surveillance. It is video surveillance that allows you to identify, prevent, or suspend an offense in time. Today it is difficult to find a facility where video surveillance would not be necessary.

So obviously video security systems involve monitoring the object using cameras. Moreover, you can simultaneously observe several points: for example, the primary and additional entrance to the house, gates, perimeter, individual rooms. The main task of such a system is to ensure the safety of the facility precisely by visual observation and to obtain visual information about the situation in general. In addition to relevant information, the video system makes it possible to analyze events that have already occurred, since all information from cameras is usually recorded and can be viewed at any time. The ancestor of the current video system can be considered the system of “modern photographic surveillance,” which was used in 1913 at Holloway Prison in London to photograph political prisoners from a long distance and without their consent.

Today there are several types of video surveillance – home, street, hidden cameras. By the method of signal processing, systems are divided into analog, combined, and digital. The latter are the most perfect and in demand because they provide high image quality, high-speed access to the archive, the ability to view and integrate with other security systems remotely. By the method of transmitting a video signal, they can be wired and wireless. Wireless systems can be installed in the most inaccessible places, but wired systems are more reliable and cheaper. Cameras are also divided into types depending on the most diverse technical characteristics. The two largest categories are digital and analog cameras. Digital or IP cameras use a digital signal in their work, it is quite simple to integrate them into the network, so digital video surveillance can easily be scaled if necessary. The resolution in digital cameras is much higher than in analog ones, but sometimes there is simply no need for high resolution, especially since it requires large data storage systems. Besides, cameras can be external and internal – the place of their installation depends on the type.

The system of engineering and technical strength

It is a protection against unauthorized entry by strengthening its structural elements. Ideally, each such system should have five protected areas: the perimeter of the territory, building perimeter; facilities accessible to visitors; premises accessible only to the owners of the house; rooms with the most restricted access. As a means of protecting the perimeter of the site, fences, gates, checkpoints, gateways for checking and passing vehicles are used. To protect the building – window grilles and grilles for reinforcing walls, vestibules equipped with security equipment, reinforced doors, locks.

A smart security system within the framework of the “Smart Home” concept

Only in the middle of the last century, science fiction writers described beautiful houses in which all systems – from turning on the light to guarding – were controlled by a person from a distance.

The security system “Smart Home” is the future that has become the present. It allows you to monitor the condition of the house from almost anywhere – you only need any device with Internet access: a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Control within the system is carried out around the clock, and the signal is transmitted to the owner and the security control panel as soon as any emergency occurs. By the way, it is also possible to check remotely if the burglar alarm is on. If necessary, it is effortless to turn it on remotely.

In addition to the security function, the smart home system with the help of special sensors monitors the state of the fire, gas and water systems, detects emergencies and notifies the owner, and also, depending on the programmed capabilities of the security system as a whole, sends a signal to turn off the room or turn off the gas. The situation in the house can be monitored from a phone or tablet online using security cameras.

By the way, with the help of a smart security system, hosts can even answer calls on the intercom, open gates, or doors. The concept of intellectual protection is continually evolving, so that security systems within its framework will become more sophisticated and more reliable. But now you can protect your home with a high degree of reliability and safely go on a business trip or vacation.