As a website designer, it’s your job to make attractive and appealing websites for your clients. However, with so many competing agencies and freelancers on the market, offering similar services for a lower price, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. These days, web designers are having to go above and beyond to gain the loyalty and attention of their target audience.

For some agencies, the answer is in creating specialist websites with unique custom widgets and branded apps. For others, the key to ongoing revenue is bonus services, like website security monitoring and auditing. One of the best ways to boost the value of your web design service, is by adding SEO into the mix.

Why SEO and Web Design Go Hand in Hand

SEO hasn’t always been defined as a part of the web design process. Most of the time, experts in the design world focus on how an online application or service looks and performs. Once the site is working as it should be, the company can then go and pursue the support of a marketing expert to help them attract the right attention.

However, if you can offer SEO and marketing services alongside your web design packages, you could turn one-off sales into repeat, or long-term customers. One of the first things any business will invest in after designing a site, is a marketing strategy that will help them to expand their reach online. With SEO solutions, you can multiply your revenue, and connect with clients on a deeper level.

Not only does offering search engine solutions make you more appealing than your competitors, but it could make a lot of sense for your brand too. The design of a website, alongside the intent targeted by certain pages, and the speed at which websites load, can have a direct impact on a company’s ranking. Showing your customers how your speedy and attractive website design impacts their search engine results could make you more valuable to your clients.

Expand Your Service Portfolio

These days, businesses still need websites as much as they ever did. However, they’re increasingly looking for ways to cut costs on the original design process, because they know they need money left-over for the marketing and optimization elements of bringing their online presence to life. If you’re only handling the design parts of the website creation process, then you’re sending your clients to other agencies and companies for the next part of the journey.

Alternatively, if you can offer marketing and optimization alongside website design, then you can offer your customers a unique all-in-one package, where they can access everything they need to launch a successful online business in the same place. This means less time searching for the right companies to work with for your clients, and more profitable opportunities for you to develop long-term relationships with customers. You could even consider offering things like audits and check-ups later on, so you can keep your customers coming back long after you’ve finished building the original website or application.

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