MyNDSports is a sports blog that delivers quality and informative contents about sports. Today, we have selected MyNDSports blog as a Chip Zero WordPress Theme Showcase.


Beauty of Modifications by MyNDSports

  • Stunning header image.
  • Awesome new color scheme
  • Vibrant widgetized sidebar.
  • Professional usage of Chip Zero multi-level menus.

Testimonial by Phil Pedro

That’s awesome! MyNDSports is such a big website and I have spent 4 years putting it together and after wasting hundreds of dollars on premium themes that looked good but lack quality in their coding making the site unstable and causing me a lot of headaches.

I finally spent all last week looking at over a 100 themes and Chip Zero was far superior in quality of the coding in the theme and the structure of the menus has been the only theme that I have not had to add a plugin to display the menu. I have received hundreds of compliments from the fans of the website since I changed the theme this weekend. Keep up the good work I am sure this theme will sky rocket once people see how well the infrastructure has been built.

TutorialChip Family

MyNDSports showcase was implemented on April 01, 2011. If you are using TutorialChip products and want to showcase them as a part of TutorilaChip Family, Please feel free to contact us.

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