It is indeed a fact that CRM software is gaining popularity at an alarming rate among businesses. As the business world grows into digital processes, the best thing you can do is keep checking the technological improvements in customer relationship management (CRM) software for better customer management ad more lively customer experiences.

In 2020, successful businesses have learned the best way to integrate CRM software in their daily processes with aims to increase customer reach and be able to sell more products. offers businesses the required CRM tools. The following methods are used by successful businesses in 2020:

1. Single-channel

Successful businesses are all moving towards a one-channel approach. This means that all communication channels will be merged into one software which can handle all channels. This way, controlling and monitoring of marketing leads becomes easier, especially for the marketing reps.

2. Mobile CRM

Mobile and social CRM is a necessity for businesses in 2020. Interactive mobile software will make customer relationship management user-friendly. The value attached to the mobility of CRM and its complementarians will be key to improving business in 2020. Many successful companies are, therefore, taking the CRM software out of the office into the hands of sales reps and customers. According to a 2018 report, mobile CRM offers intuitive interfaces, strong security features, apps that work across platforms, and the ability for sales professionals to navigate between online and offline environments with much more ease. This technology will be tapped by many successful companies and will also be key to the companies that have the appetite to grow at a fast pace.

3. Customizing CRM for vertical markets

As opposed to horizontal markets, successful companies are learning the art to focus and concentrate on particular markets. New developments of CRM that are targeted to vertical markets are also underway for development while the old CRM software will be able to see bigger improvements in this line. This will also lead to revenue growth as the business begins to focus on making profits.

4. Automation

Many of the top business players such as HubSpot and Salesforce, have been investing heavily in business process automation in the last few years and will keep the pace rising in 2020. This way, they are able to keep pace with the new generation of technology-savvy customers. These businesses are using platforms such as chatbots and automated email workflows to nurture sales prospects and increase revenue. This way, successful companies are able to offer high-quality customer services while reducing their operating costs in 2020.

5. Voice and CRM

According to Google, about 20% of mobile queries in 2016 were voice searches. Successful companies will not hesitate to initiate the use of voice-activated searches in 2020. Integrating voice and conversational UI will, therefore, perfectly integrate with CRM and make businesses more interactive and lively as though they were over the counter. 

UI will be able to incorporate tools which can record voice meetings, create transcripts as well as identify a word that has a specific meaning. Through natural language processing, computers will be able to converse with customers more effectively. They will also be able to classify requests and analyze customer emails to understand their needs.

6. Finding the best CRM for the business

Selecting the best small business CRM code is the very first step towards successfully integrating CRM in your business in 2020. Successful companies are, therefore, incorporating relevant CRM strategies and are able to manage all their business interactions with their customers from automation, conversation, mobility to single-channel integration.

It is important to remember that there is a unit of numerous code solutions that are accessible through the internet. However, being able to choose the most suitable one in line with your company requirements and necessities is key to improving your business in 2020. It is, therefore, imperative that businesses possess a CRM strategy beforehand for selecting a CRM code.