Asking if you need a tool or material that can make your life easier sounds ridiculous and awkward. Beyond all odds, we all appreciate technological advancements that increase productivity while reducing our physical efforts. Perhaps you like doing things the hard way and would love to spend an eternity reading lengthy texts, then you don’t need a text to speech software.  

But if you value your time and would rather convert those lengthy texts to audio format, then you need a text to speech software. These days, you can easily convert those lengthy notes or pdf contents to audio format and listen to them on the go. But to do this correctly, you need an efficient text to speech software with all the required features to deliver the results you need.

Important Software Attributes

Speaking about software features, they are one of the most important factors to check before using the services of any text conversion software. These features could make or break your text conversion task and even make you regret using it. If a text to speech software lacks voice editors such as SSML support, it will not understand the slangs present in your texts during the conversion process.

But if it has a voice editor, it will also enable you to change the pronunciation of the wordings in your text to provide a satisfactory result. If the software supports mp3 files, then you are in a for a greater good. Would you rather have your final conversion in an incompatible or widely supported format? You would love to choose the latter option as mp3 is the most widely accepted audio format.

A Set of Natural Voices

Another key factor to check is if the text to speech software has a set of natural voices. As odd as it sounds, many low-priced text converters will only provide you with a few sets of voices from various genders with limited accents. Some free software will even offer robotic voices instead of natural voices. This limitation will not give your audio file the human vibe it deserves –a feeling that will attract your attention.

A good text to speech software should provide you with nothing less than 50 to 60 natural voices to select for your conversion. Not just that, you should also have access to different genders with diverse backgrounds and accents. This flexibility will give your conversion the right vibe and grab your attention or hat of whosoever listens to it.

Stress-Free Conversion Process

After understanding the importance of a text to speech software and why you need it, you need to ensure that it has a stress-free conversion process. Why? Because a software with a hard process or too many unfavorable conditions will make the conversion process a regrettable decision. For example, the free version of some conversion software places a limit on the number of texts you can convert.

Some software will only allow you to convert up to a million characters per day, while others accept smaller files and reject huge files. You must check these conditions to ensure that the software is capable of delivering the results you want.