Taxi hiring apps like Uber are so prevalent today it’s hard to remember a time when they weren’t around. In fact, now that Uber is a verb (“I’ll uber over there”), it’s safe to say that this business model has legs in the modern world. If you have discovered an unserved region or have a unique take on car sharing ready to go, you might have started looking into building your own taxi hiring app. The good news? Building a taxi booking app is easy with the right team behind you.

Why ride-hailing apps like Uber are becoming so popular

Why are taxi hiring apps and car-sharing apps so popular? They’re easy to use and cashless, giving consumers a welcome alternative to the traditional taxi industry. More and more companies are discovering how a car-hailing app can flourish in their region. Ola, for one, has made decisive in-roads (no pun intended) across India. The startup operates over 300,000 taxis from Mumbai to Bangalore, leveraging heat maps to regulate supply and demand and connecting riders with taxis as quickly as possible.

Via is another car hailing app making waves and attracting customers in its regions. Via’s big selling point is that it can keep fares low, thanks to its route planning and carpooling setup. Users can see who’s going their way and jump in on a ride. Companies using ride sharing apps to identify unique pain points in transportation include Wingz, which started out serving airports specifically.

So, the growth potential is there. Now how can you build your app? With Builder, it’s easy.

Studio-based app development

Historically, developing an app required a) a lot of cash upfront, b) time and c) technical knowledge. Fortunately, studio-based options such as Builder now offer faster, more affordable, and more user-friendly options for companies looking to build an app.

Builder Studio starts out with a template. For our intents and purposes here, that would be a template based on the Uber model of ride sharing app. What you can then do is step in and customize that template to your needs. Builder has all the code in place and ready to go, in other words. That code, too, is constantly monitored and updated to ensure performance.

You can scale the project as you go, monitoring progress (read: cost) from your dedicated Dashboard. If your project delivers early, you pay less. Builder does this all by combining human assisted-AI with an international team of developers that numbers in the tens of thousands. You also can rest assured that your app will continue performing well into the future, thanks to the automatic updates and infrastructure monitoring delivered by Builder Care.

Getting in on the growing market of taxi hiring apps isn’t a pipe dream, Builders. If you are ready to get started on your car sharing app, we are ready to help. Head over to Builder Studio to start exploring your options, and let us know about your journey on social via Twitter and LinkedIn.