We are constantly making updates and providing solutions to TC Family at our Forums. We have compiled Chip Life 1.3.5 after observing the hot and required issues mentioned by Chip Life community. Chip Life is a free WordPress theme which is bundled with a lot of options like Adsense Ready, Subscription Options, Customization and more.

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Chip Life 1.3.5

What’s new in Chip Life 1.3.5

Chip Life 1.3.5 Updates

  • Primary Menu: Primary Menu is more controllable now. Admin can easily switch on/off this menu. This feature has improved the flexibility of Chip Life to the new level.
  • Comment Notes After: HTML tags and attributes, displayed at the end of comment box are controllable via Chip Life Theme Options page.
  • Minor Updates: There are some minor updates to the code level.

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