Adding thumbnail image to the post is a hot and must have requirement for WordPress theme developers. How can i get image from post ? The question comes in the minds of all who want to beautify their theme with images, and this wish reaches to the climax in the development of magazine themes especially.

I am going to release Chip Get Image plugin which will fetch image of post by using Short Circuit Speedy Logic. Chip Get Image plugin is professional, flexible, easy to use and speedy as compared to other plug-ins of same type. TutorialChip is officially using this plugin for her Chip Zero and other free WordPress themes.

My Favorite Unique Features

  • One of my favorite feature of this plugin is “The control over steps to get image for WordPress posts” which is called by me Short Circuit Speedy Logic
  • My other most favorite feature is “A comprehensive output in the form of array.” Output array of Chip Get Image has enough data to meet the requirements of developers with extra debug information.

Sample Output Array

    [steptaken] => 1
    [method] => attachment
    [imageurl] =>
    [posturl] =>
    [alt] => PHP File Download Script: Professional, Flexible and Free Class
    [post_thumbnail_id] =>
    [args] => Array
            [post_id] => 14
            [short_circuit] => Array
                    [0] => attachment
                    [1] => the_post_thumbnail
                    [2] => meta_key

            [the_post_thumbnail] => 1
            [meta_key] => Array
                    [0] => Thumbnail
                    [1] => thumbnail

            [attachment] => 1
            [size] => thumbnail
            [attachment_order] => 1
            [default_image] =>


Chip Get Image Demo

TutorialChip blog is proudly powered by Chip Get Image.

Chip Get Image Official Page

Click Here to download and get more information about Chip Get Image WordPress plug-in. I hope you will like this plugin which is flexible and speedy due to its unique features.