When you peer into your business data, one of the most frustrating readings will be the gulf between those who visit your website, and those who click through to make purchases on it. It’s this gulf that this article looks to address, through the presentation of steps through which you can convert traffic into sales in 2020.

Read on to learn the importance of the technology that you use, and the way in which you layout your website, for the conversion of visitors to customers this year.

Use Tech Tools

Your first port of call, when considering how exactly you can keep those site visitors on your website for longer, and show them to your excellent range of products or services, is to look into the fine detail of the data that you’re running through your business. You can do this by using software that crunches the numbers, and allows you to see how and where you’re losing web users.

For instance, technological tools can map out visually the hot spots on your website – where people are clicking, moving their cursor, and eventually turning off from your website. What elements of your website, in light of these findings, ought to change? This is all about optimizing your layout and content to keep people stuck to your website.


Web users regularly visit hundreds of web pages every day. In order to make yours special, it needs to look good and transmit information as quickly and effectively as possible. The statistic, that web users make a decision on the trustworthiness of a website in less than ten seconds, should be sobering reading in this respect. You need to signpost clearly to show them where to go to find your products or services.

You can signpost in a number of ways. Bold and clear menus are a great starting point, as well as having a side-bar listing your most popular products linked onto your home page, so that anyone accessing the front page of your website is aware that you’re trading. Talk to your web designer to make these signposts as clear and relevant as possible.

Ecommerce Insights

Finally, you won’t be able to maximize your sales on your website without learning a great deal from the ecommerce world. Not only are there thousands of blogs from the experts, examining how you can best convert consumers to customers through your website, there’s also a wide array of ecommerce tools that you should utilize to ensure you’re getting the most out of your website.

Selling online is fraught with difficulties, but optimizing your website to convert as many visitors as possible into customers is something that you learn through trial and error, as well as looking to the tips and the tools of the trade to help you build out your strategy for conversion over a long-term schedule of changes. Use expert advice in the field to help you make those key conversions in 2020.

Converting web users to customers is notoriously difficult, but through these tips, you’ll be able to make those changes more effectively, bringing in more sales and customers in 2020.