Freelance work has its perks; you can choose when to work, how to work and best of all who to work for. However, it is easy to get scammed when working for someone you do not know.  Talk to any freelancer, and you will be surprised at how many times they have lost a lot of money to unscrupulous people.

 The result is that many people end up giving up on online work. Do not lose hope though; their is  a course that helps people avoid online scammers.

So is it possible to get online work without the fear that you will use precious hours, and not get any compensation for it?  Yes, it is, and we will explore how below.

Trust your gut feeling

There are situations when you’re talking to a potential client, but something doesn’t feel right.  It could be about how they communicate, the fact that they withhold important information, or they are too demanding.

Do not get caught up in the financial aspect and ignore your gut instinct.  There are many jobs out there, and you don’t have to put up a client who gives you bad vibes.

 Do some research

While it may not always be possible to get proper  information on a potential client, do your bit and see how much information can collect about them.  Some freelance sites have sections for reviews, and you should carefully read what other freelancers say about the client.

Be careful about working for people who are new on the hiring sites, because they may not have a trail you can follow.  If you cannot find any information about this person, you may want to consider moving on.

Mode of communication

There are some clients who you begin the initial conversation on a freelance hiring site, but they quickly insist on taking the conversation offline.  In such a situation, you may want to ask why they not comfortable using the formal channels.

While we are not saying that it is not possible to get an honest client off the hiring sites,  just know that if they are to decide not to pay,  you will not have any recourse.

Ask for a down-payment

The advantage of using some of the hiring sites is that the client deposits some money as a sign of commitment.  But, if you are working as an individual, you can ask the client to pay you a deposit.  Asking for initial payment may not go down well with some clients because they could be afraid of getting scammed.. But even if they do resist, carefully listen to their reasons and if they are not valid, let go.

Alternatively, you can agree on a work-payment schedule. If you are an article writer, you can insist on payment after every 500 words.

Lookout for certain signs

If a potential client seems to want to know too much about you, be wary.  If they ask for personal information like your social security number, bank account details, phone number, home address, among others, ask them why they need to know all that, especially if it has no bearing on the work.

If the client is offering too much money for little work, this could be another red flag. You will probably end up doing a lot of work without any compensation.

Final thoughts

Freelance work is exciting because you have a way of making money without having to deal with the hassle of formal employment.   But, do not get too excited and accept any work without verifying who the client is.