If you want to improve your Utah SEO, it’s time to consider adding product- and location-specific pages to your business website.

It’s harder than ever to compete in today’s crowded digital marketplace. However, you can leverage local search and other techniques to differentiate your business from your competitors.

The key is understanding how location- and product-specific pages can help your business and knowing how to use them to the greatest possible benefit.

Why Do You Need Location-Specific and Product-Specific Pages?

Virtually every business with a website (and, today, every business should have a website!) can add value and improve its search engine rankings by adding specialized pages highlighting products, services and the locations the business serves.

With an increasing number of businesses competing for a share of the Utah marketplace, companies must establish themselves as specialists in the online space. General keywords and phrases have too much competition and using only those keywords makes it virtually impossible to elevate your business in the search engine rankings.

But, perhaps even more important, adding this type of content to your website helps improve the user experience (UX) in a variety of ways. And, anytime you can improve your UX, you make your prospects and customers happy and you make Google and the other search engines happy.

Using Product-Specific Pages to Boost Utah SEO

If you sell products – either through an ecommerce site or at a brick-and-mortar location – it’s important to dedicate a page to each product.

Using product pages makes your site more easily found by your potential customers and by the search engines. This allows you to rank more efficiently on long-tailed keywords and phrases and helps put your products in front of the right prospects.

Using product pages effectively requires optimizing each one – and any images or visual elements on the page – for SEO. Essentially, each product page becomes its own landing page of sorts. Consequently, site visitors may be bypassing your home page entirely and going straight from an internet search to a product-specific page.

Improving Utah SEO by Using Location-Specific and Areas Served Pages

Area-specific pages are arguably one of the most effective tools available today for boosting local SEO. Location-specific pages are incredibility versatile, allowing virtually any business to improve their position in organic search results.

One of the most common ways to use areas served pages is to create individual pages of content for each of the nearby cities your business serves. So, for example, if you have a lawn service business based in Murray, Utah, you might create a location-specific page for Sandy, West Jordan, Salt Lake City or any other nearby area that you serve.

Unlike product pages – which you likely do want to provide a menu link for – area served pages aren’t typically a part of your site’s navigation. So, again, these become landing pages to which your prospects will directly go. For this reason, you want to include plenty of information about your company as well as a call-to-action and a clear way for prospects to contact you. You can also boost your Utah SEO by making sure that each page has a relevant URL that is appropriate to your intended search terms.

One important caveat, when using product- and location-specific pages (especially areas served pages) is that each page of content must be totally unique. You can’t simply copy the same page and change only the location or city name. At best, this practice won’t provide the benefits it otherwise would. At worst, Google may penalize you for having duplicate content on your site.

The best way to ensure you’re getting the maximum value from product pages and areas served pages is to find a local Utah SEO expert to assist you in the creation and optimization of these helpful digital marketing tools.