Running a business is a route full of pitfalls you cannot prevent sometimes. But interaction with customers is one of the most obvious things you should consider the first after your product. How to deal with your demanding clientele, and what help desk is best for this purpose – Freshdesk or Zendesk?

Small Business Customer Service Tips

“Customer” and “crucial” go in the same line

Today, competition on the market is fantastic, and if you own a small business but want it to grow, you have to be some eyecatcher. Your loyal clientele is the main thing that determines your business growth. So, considering its wishes and challenges is the first step to building strong trust relationships.

How to adapt your strategy for better customer support

To make it drive the best results possible, implement the following ideas:

  • Individual approach – running a small business means appreciating every person. Consequently, your agents should treat them appropriately – aim to understand personal needs and situations, including technical issues and emotional states.
  • Every single person is appreciated – you do not have to like your customers: some are more difficult to understand, others are less. But if a person is highly interested in your product, do your best to build mutual understanding.
  • You are everywhere – our digital age requires every communication channel to be available for customers. So, make them available and productive.
  • “Speak to me” tactic – to not solve the problem, you can prevent it. Use surveys, questionnaires, and other means to get customers’ feedback.
  • High qualification – hire empathic professionals to deal with all these professional and psychological tasks.
  • Make the route short – a customer asking for help wants to get it instantly, so provide him with such an opportunity. Build a support system allowing customers to solve their issues during the first contact.
  • Keep your staff up to the actual info – in developing a product, you often add new features and change something, so something goes wrong when people use the updated versions. Let your agents know about the latest updates so they can guide people considerably.
  • Self-help content – there are always some frequent problems arising when using some product. Unload the communication channels and save customers’ time: post articles that help people deal with those problems on their own.
  • Let them see your highlight – making your customer support system good does not mean making your company unique, so highlight something to remember. Feature, idea, color, function – provide people with something very positive and specific.

These are basic principles, and for all the above to work properly you need to use the relevant software.

Two industry giants

Choosing between the two most popular programs, you should consider your individual needs and possibilities. For a small business, it may be more convenient to use Freshdesk as it provides basic functionality for free, and an interactive work organization allows for a more relaxing atmosphere. Zendesk is better for bigger companies, at least, because there is no option for no charge use. But to be sure about what to choose you should learn detailed information about both solutions. If it turns out that you have made the wrong choice, you can migrate your data with

To summarize, your communication with customers should look like you want to help a friend. A friendly tone and reasonable guidance are always good tools to build a loyal clientele.