The taglines are etching in the consumers’ memory. They allow you to tell a lot about the company with only one short phrase, increase brand awareness and leave a mark on advertising in customer’s memory, even if he heard the tagline only once!

A curious fact: a person may not remember what the advertisement is about, he may not even remember the name of the product, but he will remember the tagline. This is no coincidence, as certain psychological tricks are used to create successful taglines.

Now we will tell you how to make the tagline that will blow people’s minds! But remember that a cool tagline will never solve all the problems of your business! Today, if you want everyone to hear your exclusive offer, you need an effective website first.

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1. Keep it simple

Effective tagline is the one that the customer can understand right away. You only have a few moments to impress your potential buyers!

So try to come up with a short and snappy wording for your tagline. A perfect example is Nike’s «Just Do It».

The good tagline should be one sentence long. Moreover, you should avoid using complex words. But if a word you have come up with is extremely capacious in meaning and it can replace a few sentences, then it can be a perfect option.

2. Be realistic

Avoid promises that you cannot keep and words like the best, the first. Such clichés are so boring! More than that, it is quite difficult to prove such statements and to back them up with concrete facts.

Try to find an optimal option: convince the consumer that you offer a high-quality product or service, but avoid being too self-confident.

3. Choose the right tone

Every tagline has certain emotional coloring. Imagine the pulse of a person: it can be normal, it can hardly be felt, but it can go off the scale. The tone of the tagline plays a key role in:

  • perception of the brand and product;
  • creating an atmosphere for this perception;
  • remembering the brand.

Let’s take, for example, the taglines of the famous car manufacturers: you will see that most of them are filled with grandeur, comfort, safety, and tranquility.

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4. Think of a timeless tagline

Your company constantly develops, and your tagline has to remain relevant.

References to high technologies, saying that your company «is the only one» are not good ideas. Choose a tagline that can stand the test of time.

5. Speak about the USP of your brand

Always remember, that you aren’t selling the product features, but its advantages – this is the golden marketing rule, ideal for creating successful taglines. A good tagline clearly conveys information about the product benefits to the target audience.

Think about the unique commercial offer you have.

For instance, on the Crossoak Family Dentistry dental company website, you will see a large image of a chicken (in American English, the word also means “coward”) and the tagline “We cater to cowards”.

Try to create a tagline that reflects the exclusive features of your brand!

6. Always remember about your target audience

Make sure that the brand-new tagline is clear to potential buyers. The consumer will not purchase goods by viewing ads that are unclear for him!

When preparing to launch a product in other countries, remember that translation cam changes its original meaning a lot.

When KFC entered the Chinese market, its tagline was “Finger-licking’ good”, that was mistranslated into Mandarin as “Eat Your Fingers Off ”. Sounds quite strange, right?

7. Feel the rhythm, find the rhyme

Create a tagline that has rhythm and rhyme. Your customers will easily remember it when they will notice it on your brand’s logo or hear it on the radio.

Now, try to say it out loud. Remember, some advertising wording may look great on paper, but sound really bad or be difficult to pronounce. A good tagline is not only easy to read and remember, but also easily pronounced.

8. Be unique

When you are creating a vivid image with the help of a tagline, literacy of its writing is very important. Spelling mistakes often annoy consumers, but sometimes you have to break the rules to create the right effect.

The unique tagline will differentiate your product from the offers of your competitors.

9. Use context

Consumer perceives a good tagline at a glance. For example, CITGO attracts customers’ attention with the pun “Fueling Good” (i.e. “Feeling Good”).

10. Add humor if possible

If you have the opportunity to add humor, irony, sometimes even sarcasm to your tagline, be sure to do it.

When a tagline cheers people up and makes them smile, it automatically creates a good impression in their consciousness.

A great example is the «America’s Only Humor and Video Website. Since 1958» tagline. This tagline has several jokes in it.

Firstly, he pokes fun at the standard wording of many taglines “since ****”.

Secondly, it claims that this is the only funny website in the USA. Also, the tagline says that the website is the only site with videos in the USA since 1958, while in 1958 there were no websites.

But if the tagline is humorous, but it is sounding bad or is too complex to understand, then it a good idea to choose another one, with a successful structure.

11. Create an appeal and call to action

The tagline should create a dialogue with the consumer. Taglines with such a “twist” include either the explicit pronouns “You,” or “I,” or they can implicitly appeal to the consumer.

The good examples are “Because You’re Worth It” by L’Oréal Paris, “This Bud’s For You” by Budweiser, “Come to Marlboro country” or “Drink Coca-Cola”.