Running a website can be profitable especially an e-commerce site. However, before you can earn money, you need to build your site first and get decent amount of traffic to your site. You need to work hard to achieve this goal then you’ll be able to enjoy steady source of income. In this article, we will share some tips on how to increase visitors to your e-commerce site.

  1. Choose your domain name –first of all, you should carefully choose your domain name. Find a domain name that is short, simple and easy to remember. Well that sounds very rare since many short domains are already taken. What you should do is come up with creative combination of words until you form a unique domain name. The domain name that you will choose should be easy to remember. You want your site to have that easy recall that customers can easily type it in their browser. Also, it must be easy to spell. You do not want online users to be typing incorrect domain name and end up with another site, worse, your competitor site.
  2. Research keywords to target –to be able to categorise your site and eventually reach your target audience, you need to have sets of keywords that you will target. For example, if you are offering plumbing services then search for common keywords that people type in when they are looking for plumbers or needed plumbing services. You should not focus on main keywords like “plumbers” instead you could also target long term keywords, which can help you rankhigher and appear in first page of search engines.
  3. Promote your site in social media –next, it is great way to promote your site using social media. You should put your website link to all your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. You should also ask your friends and followers to do the same. The power of social media is indeed strong.
  4. Come up with different promotions –people love promos especially discounts. It is advisable to do regular promotions like discount coupons on next orders, free delivery, buy 10 take 1 or even offer free products or services for first time users or even for returning ones. Having these promotions will surely increase people visiting your site.
  5. Send out regular emails and newsletters –lastly, it would be great to also send monthly or even weekly Newsletters. You can make different announcements in these Newsletters like your new promotions, new products or services and other information helpful for your customers. In the Newsletter, make sure to include link to your site so they can easily click and visit your site.

Those are some tips to help increase traffic to your site. As your site grows, you should continue to check different areas like your server hosting if it is capable to handle large amount of traffic, check that there’s less or no downtime especially during peak hours. You should also update your template, banners and other creative designs to always keep your site visually presentable. Lastly, always make sure to provide high quality products or services that will satisfy customers.