Your business website is your most influential digital marketing tool.  You need to spend lots of time making sure every aspect of your pages is put together in such a way that it builds visibility, accessibility, and engagement with web users.

You need to make it easy for web users to find and use your website, and the design of your site has everything to do with achieving that goal.  Take a moment for research, and check out a few website design tips that will help you build a more effective website for your business.

Choose your words wisely

The words you use within the text and the coding of your website make all the difference in how your site indexes with the top search engines online.  If you’re operating an online gun store, you want your pages to use those words several times within the text. 

You need the search engines to be able to identify keywords and phrases within the scripts of your pages, so your site can always be on top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Topping the SERPs means a greater digital visibility, and visibility is everything online.  

Design for mobile 

You want everyone online to be able to enjoy every page of content your business uploads.  Over half the digital population is mobile, so it makes sense to optimize your content for mobile users.  

Mobile devices require a bit of a different setup.  Your pages should be adjustable to the screen size actually accessing your site, and it should be simple to navigate with fumbly thumbs.  Dig into what makes your site truly optimized for mobile, and get to work now.  

Keep it simple 

The layout of your website should be simple too.  Keep the pages from being cluttered with content, and make navigating your site easy to follow.  

When people intuitively understand how to operate your pages, they’re more likely to spend more time exploring.  Keep visitors on your pages for longer by making it easy for users to digest what you’re communicating.  

Add social media to the mix

Add social media to your design to help spread the word about your website.  When people see something they like, they should be able to quickly share it with friends and family online.  Add social media sharing icons to your design, so one click equals free exposure for your business.  

Focus efforts on communication

Keeping the info rolling back and forth is always good for business.  In addition to adding a “Contact Us” page to your website design, add a phone number to the homepage.  Add a simple contact form to your blog pages, and make it easy for users to comment on blog posts too.