Increasing sales and conversion rates for your Shopify store is sure to be at the top of your thoughts each day. When you are running your business online, you can’t go outside the store and flip a sign to attract people. You have to use your online tools to help you achieve your goals. In this article, we are going to share 6 Shopify apps that will help you increase sales.

1. OptinMonster

You’ve heard the term “the money is in the list”, right? We all know that our email lists are golden, but if we do not have the right tools to help us grow our lists, we are going to be left dead in the water. OptinMonster is one of the most powerful Shopify apps.

Not only can OptinMonster sense when someone is going to leave the site, but it senses inactivity in order to show a relevant product offer or ask for the optin so you can remarket to this visitor through your email campaigns.

There is no complicated code to put on your Shopify store either. The app has been designed so that you can seamlessly integrate OptinMonster with your Shopify store as well as your favorite email provider, CRM and more. You can customize your options so that you are able to target customers with different locations and activities. Higher conversions mean more sales with the same traffic numbers and at $49/mo, OptinMonster is very affordable.

2. Chatty People

Nowadays, we are getting used to instant answers. I’m not talking about instant answers by phone either. Think about it. When you went to a website and had a question, didn’t a talking head pop up to help you? Chatbots are allowing us to get our instant answers (mostly), but keeping employee costs low for companies.

ChattyPeople is a AI-powered chatbot with voice and text. You get a personalized bot that can communicate in a conversation with your Shopify store visitors. According to, two-thirds of consumers see a benefit in chatbots because of their 24 hour availability. When these chatbots engage people in “conversational commerce”, they are able to find what they need easier and this means a better customer experience as well as more sales.

3. Boost Sales

You see the giants like Amazon cross selling and upselling and want to get in on the action. If it looks intimidating, you don’t have to worry when you use Shopify app Boost Sales. This app will allow you to do all of the fancy tricks and techniques the big guys do. Whether you are bundling relevant products, offering a higher value product replacement after they had a similar product to their cart or giving discount coupons and rewards for spending more money.

This fully customizable application will allow you to put together an experience for your Shopify customers that will allow them to see all of the relevant products they could ever want and give them incentive to purchase additional products. Highly recommended for conversions.

4. Better Coupon Box

Many Shopify stores use free Shopify app Better Coupon Box to gain followers on social media and grow their email lists. This beautiful coupon pop up is a great way to provide value to your customers while growing your social media following or your email list since you offer them a coupon reward for opting in or following your social media.

These fully customizable pop ups will allow you to show offers that blend nicely with your website. You can also make them look festive throughout the holiday season.

Their exit intent pop ups keep people from leaving the site so instead of having a bouncing customer, you may have a conversion. Without this exit intent strategy you wouldn’t be able to keep these people on your page.

5. Swell

If you are thinking of starting a rewards program, you will find this is one of the most effective strategies for increasing your sales. According to Forbes, it is far easier to sell products to existing customers since you already have a relationship with them. It costs more money to acquire new customers than it does to keep the customers that you already have. If you use the Shopify app Swell, you will be  able to keep more customers.

With Swell, you can reward your customers for doing things like writing a product review, spending more money shopping on the site, making a certain number of purchases, referring friends to the site, creating an account on the store, following you on social media or sharing your content. You are able to customize all of the things you want to reward your customers for as well as what their reward is going to be.

6. Aftership

We all know how we love to stalk our shipment’s progress. Aftership allows us to keep our customers updated on their product’s location. It also allows the shop owner to see how shipping is going. If there are any challenges, you will be able to address them before the customer has time to complain about them.

The latest version of this app allows you to have a branded shipment tracking page which keeps people familiar with you and builds trust in your brand.


Finding the right combination of Shopify apps to suit your needs doesn’t have to be challenging. Add the most important apps first and grow your library of apps as needed to see your store flourish as sales increase.