Passwords are the key of your secrecy. On internet we need various transactions and it does require logging in several times. Different accounts needs different username and password. Many people find it difficult to remember passwords. For them it is just the most difficult task to accomplish and therefore they need some help or some tool that they can use to manage their passwords safely.

For the ease of user password management system was introduced on IT world. A password management system is basically software that helps a user organize passwords and PIN codes. Therefore, here I’m going to share with you a collection of some password management softwares that you can use for store your passwords securely.

Have a look below ultimate collection of the best password management tools and feel safe from hackers. At the end of this article, you can browse for even more useful tools by categories including: twitter analytics tools, coolest widgets for android, online image editors and more!

1. RoboForm

RoboForm is the top-rated password manager and web form filler that will save your password information from logins and automatically log you in to the password protected sites that you visit.


2. 1Password

1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.


3. Last Pass

The LastPass team believes your online experience can be easier, faster and safer. Collectively we lose more than 10,300 hours per year retrieving lost passwords, making new ones or talking to call centre representatives about them.

Last Pass

4. AES Password Manager

AES Password Manager protects sensitive information such as website passwords, credit card numbers, PIN-codes etc. by storing the items in a secure, password protected database.

AES Password Manager

5. AnyPassword Pro

AnyPassword Pro is a full-featured password manager that lets you store passwords, user IDs, and related information together in a safe place. The program saves passwords, fills login forms, automatically logs you into a web site or program.

AnyPassword Pro

6. Aurora Password Manager

Aurora Password Manager is a full-featured solution for storing website and e-mail access passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data.

Aurora Password Manager

7. Sticky Password

Sticky Password is an award winning Password Management tool that stores all your login credentials in a secure, and encrypted manner. Read our full review for Sticky Password Free.

Sticky Password

8. TK8 Safe

TK8 Safe is a secure password manager that keeps your information in a highly (blowfish) encrypted file, allowing unlimited entries and folders.

TK8 Safe

9. MyPadlock Password Manager

MyPadlock Password Manager is a free password manager that keeps all your passwords in a simple, safe and central location.

MyPadlock Password Manager

10. KeePass Password Safe

KeePass is a free open source password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way.

KeePass Password Safe

11. Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager is an indispensable tool for the active Internet user. It fully automates the process of entering passwords and other data into websites and saves the user going to the trouble of creating and remembering multiple passwords.

Kaspersky Password Manager

12. Password Depot

From now on you will need to remember only one single password – the password which you use to open Password Depot.

Password Depot

13. Passpack

Passpack has all the security your bank does – and more. Passpack’s data privacy technology uses US Government approved encryption algorithms, and protects customers from the accidental data breaches which have become (alas) so common this day and age.


14. Password Agent

Password Agent is an easy-to-navigate password management program that allows you to store all your passwords, secret notes and data snippets in a single, secure database.

Password Agent

15. Password Keeper

Password Keyper stores your data fully encrypted on your hard drive, using encryption that is based on your machine.

Password Keeper

As you can see, many of these password managers have similar features and pricing. So how can you choose the one that’s right for you?