The traditional method of creating a website normally takes either of the two courses.

One – Use an online platform like Weebly or Squarespace which provide pre-designed templates. You can choose a template which appeals to you the most and replace their text and media with your own and that’s it. Your website will be up and running. But since there are only a limited number of templates available, many people choose the same templates and hence your website will lack uniqueness.

Two – Design your website, either yourself or by hiring a designer, in (say) Photoshop and then hire a developer to convert it into HTML code. This will give your site a unique look and this is the method which most serious website owners choose.

But is changing things now, for the better.

Webydo is a professional website creator tool that lets designers create websites on their own without needing the help of developers. Webydo conducted a research which revealed that 70% of the budget of professional website design creation is being spent in the development of the handwritten code. And they are set to change it.

What Webydo really does is that it allows designers to create a website using their tools. Designers can either use a pre-made template or design everything from scratch. As the designer designs his website, Webydo keeps on converting the design elements into codes. This goes on in the background while the designer works in the foreground. Once the design is complete the designer can then download the complete code.

Webydo’s CEO and co-founder Shmulik Grizim said: “This is a true revolution in professional website creation. For the first time, designers have complete control over the entire website design process and they can build their own independent web design business without hiring developers or manually writing code, focusing on the creative side only.”

Some of the important features of Webydo are mentioned and discussed below.

All browser validity

All the sites designed with Webydo run equally well in all the browsers. This is because the code generated by Webydo is cross-platform based and which is regularly updated to the latest industry standards.

Advanced design features

Webydo offers some top notch design features to help you make your images look stunning. These features include grid generator, smart guides and snapping, layers window, text caption for images and galleries, functions to design sophisticated forms, adjust corner radiuses and other elements’ properties such as fill, shadow and stroke.

Yes of course you can do all this in Photoshop but Webydo allows you to do such edits in the browser itself. Savvy, isn’t it?


Want to sell something online? Want to create an online store? Webydo enables you to do that with ease by offering an easy integration of Ecwid E-Commerce widget. This is a dynamic and mobile friendly solution that accepts a lot of different kinds of payment solutions.

Go and take a look at the website and let me know what you think in the comments below.