A few weeks ago, I have been published eCommerce WordPress plugins for your ecommerce website. Hope you will have like them. Today, I bring a new concept of most useful premium magento extensions plugins. Magento extensions plug-ins are one of the many reasons to consider a Magento shopping cart for your business’ eCommerce platform. Hope you will like them. If you like this post, share it with your friends through email and social networks.

1. Magento Third-Dimension Ebook Extension

Automatically encrypt uploaded PDF files of downloadable products with password equal to user email and signature with customer name and order number.

Magento Third-Dimension Ebook Extension

2. Single Sign-On For Magento And WordPress

You are creating a website, or own a website, that is built using a mixture of Magento and WordPress.

Single Sign-On For Magento And WordPress

3. MasterPass Master Password for Magento

Add a master password to access any user accounts on the front-end. Enter the username and the MasterPass password to access any customer account.

MasterPass Master Password for Magento

4. Connectgento jQuery PagePeel Extension

This extension is an update to our current PagePeel Extension. This version supports jQuery.

Connectgento jQuery PagePeel Extension

5. Horizontal Product Slider Magento Extension

With the Horizontal Product Slider extension you can showcase and drive more of your visitors’ attention to your best and most profitable products in your Magento web-store.

Horizontal Product Slider Magento Extension

6. Pro Google Anaylitcs Tools for Magento

A very useful plugin that integrates Google Analytics code and statistics into your Magento admin and front end template.

Pro Google Anaylitcs Tools for Magento

7. Product Lightbox Image Gallery for Magento

Magento Colorbox Lightbox is the best and the most needed tool for all the Magento website owners.

Product Lightbox Image Gallery for Magento

8. Money Gram, Western Union Payment Method Extension

This payment method allows sender to enter money sent details. This is a versatile payment method for Money Gram Western Union or any other international payment transfer.

Money Gram, Western Union Payment Method Extension

9. Sold Out Extension For Magento

It display Sold out sticker at the product list page automatically when quantity release 0 its very good to show people that you’re store is working well.

Sold Out Extension For Magento

10. Magento One Page Checkout Extension

One Page Checkout Magento Extension is the best tool, which simplifies your checkout experience by making everything happen in just one step.

Magento One Page Checkout Extension

11. Akismet Spam Killer for Magento

With our magento Akismet (Automattic Kismet (Akismet for short)) extension for magento no installation of CAPTHA is needed.

Akismet Spam Killer for Magento

12. Delete Magento Orders

Magento by default does not allow you to delete orders. While this decision makes good sense, many users are still in need of this functionality to delete test orders.

Delete Magento Orders

13. Magento Lazy Image Loader

A very good solution to this is to load your images on demand, or what is most commonly known as lazy loading.

Magento Lazy Image Loader

14. Developer Toolbar

Many professional developers all over the world use this extension to find possible performance bottlenecks.

Developer Toolbar

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