When it comes to complex construction work in hard-to-reach places, you need to be fully prepared. Most professionals have a wide range of electronic equipment in order to properly organize their workplace. One of the conditions for productive work is proper lighting. A searchlight with a battery easily solves the need for a powerful and portable source of bright light. To solve this problem in harsh working conditions, the Makita DML812 UK construction lamp is ideal.

The main qualities of Makita torch dml812

The main feature of this spotlight is its maximum versatility. Makita dml812 18v due to its compact design and external protection can be used in almost any environment and on any surface. In addition to its use on construction sites, this lamp can be used in everyday life. It will be a great companion when fishing or camping. Another advantage is the long runtime. Makita spotlight dml812 is powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. It will last for several work shifts, saving you time and focusing on your work. In addition, bright lighting provides:

  • Long beam distance
  • Bright light with a maximum luminous flux of 1250 lumens.
  • 4 Lighting modes
  • 90 degree rotating head of the flashlight

As a result of such qualities, such a mobile floodlight is sufficient for most situations when bright light is needed away from the mains.

An important plus is the presence of metal hooks, carabiners, and a convenient holder on the Makita spotlight dml812. All this makes this unit easy to carry and use in hard-to-reach places. In addition, the body of this flashlight is shock-resistant. This means that the flashlight will be able to withstand various loads during the working process.

You can buy a Makita construction lamp through the UK Power tool store. You can find the most complete range of industrial lighting equipment as well as the rest of the battery-powered electric tools here.