Work Smarter and Stay Ahead With All Your Business Data in One Place

Microsoft Power BI allows you to analyse and learn from your business data, to help you share information and make the right decisions.

Power BI is a business analytics service that was first announced by Microsoft back in 2014. The initial release was based on the data analysis add-ins that can be found in Excel, such as Power Query and Power Pivot.

Today’s Power BI dashboards bring greater analytical capacity than ever before. They give you an unprecedented 360 degree view of all your business processes and allow you to create customised reports, graphics and trend-analyses.

What does Power BI do?

Power BI gathers data from a range of sources, such as excel worksheets, sql databases and web-based applications. It collates the data and is able to deal with the formatting issues that are often presented when data sets come from disparate sources.

It then provides the user with access to this data, and with a whole host of visuals that can present information and reports in a clear, effective way.

Power BI understands natural language queries, meaning that you can interrogate and draw conclusions from your data more quickly and efficiently than ever.

How can Power BI help my business?

One of the biggest benefits to using Power BI is its ability to aggregate data from a variety of sources and hold it all in one place. Some business users liken this to finally having the scales removed from their eyes. It really does provide total visibility of all your business processes, and the interactions and links between them.

With Power BI, all the key metrics are updated in real time, allowing you to see critical changes faster than ever before.

Better and faster visibility and understanding of all your business processes means you can make the right strategic decisions to drive your company forward and stay ahead of the competition. It also gives advance warning of any negative change, such as a sudden drop in productivity or change in consumer behaviour, meaning you can react faster.

In addition, the simple dashboard allows you to work faster and stay focused on what is really important to your business. And with the Power BI mobile app, you can stay on top of your company’s KPIs whenever and wherever you want to, and can even create new reports and visuals from your mobile phone or tablet.

Reaping the benefits of business intelligence

In today’s world of big data, it can be a daunting task to understand what information you need to look at in order to gain the right business insights and make the best decisions.

A business intelligence expert can work alongside you to make the best use of Microsoft Power BI, in order to gather the most valuable information, and can also provide training in the day-to-day use of Power BI.

Then, you can step back and enjoy the benefits that improved business intelligence can bring, such as greater competitive advantage, improved customer satisfaction, optimised operating procedures, reduced costs and better risk awareness.