Are you always on the run yet you need to keep an eye on your business? Do you want to stay close to your visitors, to build a website that everyone loves and help them find their way to becoming a customer? With the new Wix Mobile App, you have the entire business inside your pocket. The best part? You pay nothing for it.

With such a busy daily agenda, so many places to go and so many things to solve, keeping an eye on your business can be tricky. Successful people know that one needs to be able to focus and manage things at all times to make sure that everything goes well for both his business and his customers. In other words, it’s pretty much like having a baby: you need to keep a very close eye on it. But today’s world has one big problem: you simply don’t have the time to do them all – you need help.

With this being said, the new Wix Mobile app is your little minion. It has been specifically created to be there for you when you can’t really watch over things. Think of it as a personal assistant: it sends you notifications regarding…everything, it allows you to answer customer requests in just a few swipes and makes it easier to track bookings. This way, losing control is so much harder.

Picture this: you’re stuck in traffic (nothing new, right?), you have advertising campaigns going on which involve traffic coming to your site, and you have a strong feeling that visitors might be active on your site, browsing it, asking questions, maybe even making a purchase! But…you can’t see any of that! However, by simply introducing Wix Mobile App into this chaotic equation, all of that tension goes away: you can simply pull over and quickly take a look and see what’s happening with your website. You notice that someone has sent a message asking question regarding shipment duration, no worries, you can answer right away! Oh and…you’re a blogger and someone commented on one of your articles? You can answer to that, too. All of that from the comfort of…wherever you are!

It does not matter if you are a store owner, blogger, or a hotel manager. You can always be connected, make changes, respond to messages and many other great things with one app!

Wix Mobile App lets you:

  • Stay connected – don’t be left out of your own company; instantly respond to messages or follow up on activities
  • Upload Photos – you can easily take photos using your smartphone and upload them right to your site’s media manager – add a new product, for example!
  • Keep an eye on bookings – watch over what private or group bookings you have coming up with this special feature
  • Teamwork – easily connect with your team and see what other site contributors are doing by viewing and sending messages
  • Receive notifications – instantly receive a notification each time your visitors contact you or perform any action on your site

Wix Mobile App brings so much more to your business than you can imagine. The possibilities are limitless, as the application allows you to manage things just as you want to. Why let yourself be restrained by an office, why reschedule meetings and leave things for tomorrow just because you need to manage your website when you can be right in the middle of the action with Wix.

This application does one more highly important thing: it lets you see who paid an invoice and see all details from your mobile device. This will allow you to have an overview on how your business is going and the money you are making.

Oh and…you have more than one website? No worries, you don’t need separate accounts for that! You can simply switch to another site in the Wix Mobile App; it is basically like turning the page – easy!

All in all, having a business, even a small one, can be challenging, which is exactly what makes Wix Mobile App a great tool. It allows you to breathe for a little while and lowers the level of stress, allowing you to see what’s going on at all times. Keep your team connected, receive important notifications, chat with your customers, upload images for your products, update your profile image and edit any already existing ones; use the time Wix saves you to take your business to the next level while still being an important part of the action.

So, are you ready to grow your business?