Do you have two or more audio files that you want to merge into a single audio file instead? Aside from compiling playlists of music into single files, it can be a useful way to create podcasts or other audio content as you can record shorter clips then compile them later.

While you could use an editor of some kind to merge your audio files, a far easier option would be to use the online Audio Joiner tool. It is a web-based utility that will let you merge the audio files you need without any difficulty.

How it Works

Overall Audio Joiner is designed to make it as easy as possible to merge audio files. In fact all it takes is 3 simple steps, and the interface will guide you through them:

  1. Upload the files that are to be merged by selecting them from your computer, using a web link, or adding them from Dropbox or Google Drive. It is possible to either add all the files simultaneously, or individually.
  2. Set up the audio file by first arranging the sequence of the files that you added and dragging and dropping them into place so that they’re in the right order. After that you can set the file name that you want the merged file to have, as well as its format.
  3. Listen and download the audio file after it has been processed and merged. In addition to downloading the file to your computer, Audio Joiner will let you add it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

As you can see merging files using Audio Joiner is truly a hassle-free experience, and in most cases you probably won’t even need the guidance that is present.

Key Advantages of Audio Joiner

Needless to say one of the main advantages of Audio Joiner is the fact that it is simple and straightforward yet can effectively merge audio files of all kinds. Its simplicity is definitely its big selling point, as it is designed to perform its task without any complications.

On top of that the fact that Audio Joiner is web-based is another noteworthy benefit. Unlike other tools that require software downloads, you can use this utility at any point by simply visiting the website. That makes it not only a convenient option, but also one that you can use on any device or platform.

The integration of Audio Joiner with Dropbox and Google Drive helps on that front as well, allowing you convenient access to files that you can store on the cloud. It makes it possible to work with audio files remotely, and avoid taking up storage space on devices where it is at a premium.

Final Words

At the end of the day if you want an easy-to-use yet effective way to merge your audio files for any reason – Audio Joiner is the perfect place to start. In fact even if you don’t it won’t hurt to check it out, and bookmark it so that you can quickly use it if ever the need arises.